chesterfield king.

today i finally got a couch!

i scored this beautiful / ugly (however you look at it) bright yellow selene italian designer couch on craigslist for $80.

the black blanket helps tone it down a bit i suppose.


seeing as last thursday i spent most of my day in the hospital, this week was my first week back out to strangelove for "dance like you fuck". something was a little off, probably due to the fact that my bartender friend diane got moved to working fridays and saturdays instead, and the aussies have left toronto. dudes night will never be the same again. luckily i had deano and pat to hang with, and i popped upstairs to say hello to diane while she was cleaning her apartment.

here's some photos that i snapped.

the jons! no photos please!

matt vardy put down his camera this week to have his hands free for more beer! he better watch out, before he knows it pat is gonna steal his job!

cole living the party life, i think the blonde's name is sarah.

pat and i, not sure what with my "blue steel" impression.

deano and my double chin. who's that girl? foul ball!

clubbin' life.

deano again, this time with S4C shutter bug erin hogue.


jon one. (or is he jon two?)

pat multitasks at sneaks. nachos + bbm.

this is dani brown, we finally met.

cole: mealin'.

pat wrote about this night too.

today i took the subway up to finch station to pick up oasis / ryan adams tickets that i craigslisted, stoked.

*i should probably point out that the september 9th show has been rescheduled for december 15th.


let's talk about leftovers

so i'm not sure if i had mentioned it yet or not, but towards the end of the summer they opened a MAGIC OVEN right below my apartment. they offer many different gourmet pizzas, including several different vegan options. this and the even newer coffee shop, which recently opened literally at my doorstep, are huge additions to our block's convenience store, homeless shelter and mr. tasty's burger joint. i have been eating at the oven a lot, and when i'm either in a rush and need to grab something on my way out, or sitting at home too bored/lazy to go anywhere else, walking a flight of stairs to get vegan pizza is pretty manageable. when they opened, they only offered small pizzas, but the other day i was told they now had a large pie. the other morning, i decided to take the plunge into a large pie purchase, with the hopes that it might last me at least a couple days.

leftovers are great, and last night while finishing the last of my leftover pizza, i thought about blogging about it, and realized that i had other leftovers to cover here in this blog.

remember just last week when i mentioned finding my thought-to-be-lost point and shoot camera? well, with finding that, i found a couple of photos still on it. ironically enough, i found the camera in the pocket of the sweater i was wearing in some of the shots, hah, figures!

a while back when it was still considered summer, i dragged pat out for lunch at urb-herb. for a meat eater, he doesn't seem to mind vegan food.

later that week, heather and i ventured out to etobicoke for an ikea and licks run. i bought a bookshelf at ikea and ended up leaving my car parked on queen street in front of my apartment after unloading it. i had planned to go back out that night and move my car, but didn't, which resulted in my car getting towed. worst.

i also made the realization that i had a ton of photos left from tour that i hadn't posted! here are a couple of MJ and i's escapades through america. first we have some misplaced casualties from our walk down haight street from one great place to another

next up we have a bunch of shots left over from texas. here my australian vegan princess and i take a romantic walk to the texas alamo monument, and then continued through this cute little river walk that streams under the majority of the downtown.

i miss you emmmmj!

last but not least, we've got this little gem of kevin on the bus, and shane eating taco cabana in the back lounge with some random superbro dude that i don't ever remember meeting, but acted like we've all been friends for a lifetime.


christmas time is here (da na na na naaaaa)

the other night antonella and i got together and ended up watching cinematic family film masterpiece, home alone 2: lost in new york. at first, i immediately thought of tyson, who without a doubt is getting mistaken for kevin mcallister on the streets of manhattan as we speak. anyways, home alone 2 is a fantastic film (far superior to it's original and predecessor in my opinion), and is definitely one of my top 10 christmas movies of all time. with that, i figured i would briefly share with you the other 9 titles rounding out that list.

this movie is hilarious, is all about christmas, and has chevy chase in it, what more do you need? the scene with the christmas lights reminds me of the house across the street from my old elementary school that used to light up brighter than the rest of the entire city for a month or so around christmas.

definitely the only* stand out film by tim burton (in my opinion), i can't stand that one that inspired millions in hot topic profits and fall out boy tattoos, and don't even get me started on the re-make of the classic, and a personal favourite of mine, charlie and the chocolate factory. this movie is okay for me though, actually, it's more than okay, it's pretty great. it's quirky, heart warming, sad, loveable and promotes treating people as equals, all things i love. it's pretty hard to not cry at the end of this one, so make sure you're nice and warm by the fire/heater or under a blanket when you watch this one...wouldn't want those tears freezing in the icy months. also, if you didn't know already, i love winona ryder; she is a total babe.
*okay, so maybe beatlejuice is pretty good too, i should probably break that one out soon.

alright, so i'll be the first to admit, i'm mostly a sucker for cheesy, heart warming love stories, especially around the holidays, but seriously, what guy doesn't want to see bruce willis throw the sheriff of nottingham out of a building on christmas eve?

here we go, a classic, straight up, no denying this one. there's just something about christmas in new york city, and a young girl regaining her hopes and dreams and the belief in santa claus. a real heart warmer for the frosty season. heck, i'll even take the 1994 remake with that little girl from mrs. doubtfire and the dude from the practice.

awww, such a good movie! it's no surprise that will ferrel is the funniest man in the universe, and this movie was a great stepping stone in obtaining that role. i saw this movie in theaters years ago and loved every second of it. it has the classic christmas spirit vibes of miracle on 34th, the (not quite as poor tasted) humour of vacation, and a megababe comparable to that of winona. seriously, if i had my way in life, zooey deschanel would be my celebrity girlfriend, and we would make lots of babies. that scene where she is singing "baby, it's cold outside" in the shower, and will ferrel hears her and joins in for that beautiful duet, ahh! it kills me every time! this movie is so good that it's goodness even outweighed all the times my mom said "santa? i know him!" the christmas after she saw it.

for some reason i have always leveled with that poor little dude charlie. he always tried so hard at everything, and always seemed to come up short, and somehow get laughed at or blamed for everything. good grief! after several days of inner conflict, charlie finds himself what seems like aimlessly searching for the meaning of christmas, while his friends and the rest of his town gets caught up in the commercialism and hustle and bustle of the season. in the end, charlie not only comes together with his friends, but he makes a great little jesus speech too! besides, without this movie, the world wouldn't have that terrific "christmas time is here" song to hum along to while feeling utterly defeated by life.

for me, british comedy can get pretty tiring, fast. on the contrary, love actually is amazing front to back. it has all the elements of a great christmas movie, and an allstar cast to boot, featuring a short cameo by one of my all time favourite superbabes, canadian heart throb elisha cuthbert, not to mention keira knightley and all the other supreme babes packed into the several intertwining storylines. all holidays aside is probably one of my all time top 5 favourite rom-com's, and has proven itself to be a winner on recent long european bus rides. and yes, i'll go ahead and say it, hugh grant is ACTUALLY FUNNY in this one.

here's the obvious one, a christmas movie list topper defaut, the best of the best, the ultimate classic. christmas time is nothing without this movie. my 5th grade teacher mr. ryan used to reference this movie every day for about a month leading up to the christmas break, and then on that shortened last day before school let out for a couple weeks, we would push our desks back and sit on the floor and watch it (incase no one got his jokes that whole time). we all know that TBS usually plays this movie back to back for an entire day, and most years i try to watch it as many times in a row without shooting myself in the head. speaking of which, this movie also introduced the top 5 things you don't want to do around christmas:
5. swear in front of your parents, resulting in getting your mouth washed out with soap. yuck!
4. realize that your epicly anticipated favourite radio show secret decoder ring is really just an ad for ovaltine .
3. get kicked down the slide by santa claus. (this part still haunts me to this day)
2. get your tongue stuck to a pole.
1. shoot your eye out.

other highlights include the pictured bunny pj's and the younger brother who hides under the sink after ralphy gets into a fight, and repeatedly screams "i wanna play santa!" on christmas morning. golden.

here it is folks, number one with a bullet. my all time favourite christmas movie! it's christmas time, and the whole muppet gang is headed for a weekend in the country at fozzy's moms house. after spoiling her vacation to the beach, and crashing the old dude from fraggle rock's subleased quiet weekend away, they receive more visitors! who you ask? why it's the sesame street gang! more hilarity ensues when the swedish chef tries to cook big bird for dinner, and our hearts get warmed numerous times including when kermit and robin stumble upon fraggle rock and get a special gift from friends down under. seriously, this movie is a must see. it seems to have been replaced by the christmas carol in the muppet's catalog, and i can't believe it's no longer available to purchase, and doubt it still plays on tv like it used to. i recently downloaded a shitty quality digital copy that i will continue to watch and enjoy annually as the years pass! what a movie!