if she wants to stop on by, tell her that i almost died.

i've had a super busy weekend, and i'm going to try and recount as much of it as possible. don't worry, there will be photos.

i can't find my blackberry, if you've messaged me on bbm and are wondering why i haven't replied, that is why!

i spent the majority of thursday in the hospital, here's a breakdown of what happened. i got into my car around 11am to drive to burlington to set up for preproduction. within the first 5 minutes in the car, my back starts to hurt, like really hurt. i kept trying to get comfortable and put up with it while i drive, with the hopes it either goes away or i make it to burlington. about 15 minutes into the drive, the pain starts to get unbearable, so i decide to exit the highway. i tried to get out of my car and walk/shake it off but it was below freezing outside and that just seemed to decrease my already plummeting level of comfort. so i got back in the car and tried to sit in a few different positions to make the pain go away, i put the seats back, tried to get in the back and passenger side (mind you, my car is tiny). i guess my body just started to freak out, i had ridiculous cold sweats and even threw up at one point. my pain level had gone through the roof and i also started to have trouble breathing. i called my mom and she said to call 911, so i did because she is smarter than i am. ambulance came and picked me up, calmed me down and took me to the hospital, at this point my back still hurt a little and i was shaking profusely. it took a while to get checked in, and my mom ended up coming to meet me. when i finally saw a doctor i had calmed down and the pain had mostly subsided. he seemed to think that it may have been a problem with my kidney, as that was where the pain was coming from. i peed in a cup, and had a CT scan, and 7 hours later they told me i was fine. they said i must've just pulled my back and had an anxiety attack on account of the pain and the circumstances of being trapped uncomfortably in a small car.

the entire time this was going on, i had my small camera in my pocket, and thought about taking photos for this very blog. i even thought about it while i was shaking in the back of the ambulance, because i can't ever remember being in the back of one before. i realize that even thinking about taking photos during times like that is commitment to blog greatness, but it's just straight up weird too, and in the end, i chickened out. i did however manage to snap a shot in my xray gown!

friday night was hoibak's birthday show. i don't have time to get into it here, but erik has played a big part in my upbringing in the world of hardcore, straightedge and veganism, not to mention his outright hilarity, legacy, and storytelling abilities. i definitely was looking forward to celebrating another year of his life with this show, featuring forfeit, no harm done, vicious cycle and fortune teller.



sweet bass.

i meant to yell "where's your other glove?"


definitely my favourite band of the night. sick cover of lifetime's turnpike gates!



MOLESTED YOUTH were added to the show last minute because they're apparently breaking up. they played a bunch of covers, including nervous breakdown. i even got stuck in the pit-y for that one, but quickly went down like a chopped redwood.

the man!


so much mosh/bloody noses/dust in the air.

aner bsood #1!

matt "i never claimed edge in the first place" rennick (man of the people).

after the show, pat and i went to dee's, and then headed to a party at cole and ray's place.


vegan pal ross.

cole looks to be getting unreal, pat is up to no good with that camera of his and anto is hiding out in the corner.

ray gives us a taste of his own sense of unreality.

why boy?

a couple of pals right here, kylecroft (two-name guy) and jamie unrealcottone.

jenni from the (crack) block!

anto and ian!

these two actually felt the need to basically do it on the couch in a crowded room, mannnnnnn.

greg is stuck on the couch, i think those are pat's legs, clearly getting a better camera angle on the opposite couch (*see above photo).

we've spent 9 hours a day all weekend at b-town sound (formerly the music gym) in burlington doing pre-production for our new album. i took a few photos and was going to post them, but brooks came in and took some better ones, so i'm sure you'd rather see those, seeing as he's the best photographer ever.

thanks brooks! you/these photos rule!

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Danii said...

Hmmm... anxiety attacks are so much fun to have. I especially love the feeling of not being able to breathe and the dizziness that accompanies hyperventilation.
But not really.

I'm sorry that happened to you.

The rest of your weekend sounds like it was really fun though.