let's talk about leftovers

so i'm not sure if i had mentioned it yet or not, but towards the end of the summer they opened a MAGIC OVEN right below my apartment. they offer many different gourmet pizzas, including several different vegan options. this and the even newer coffee shop, which recently opened literally at my doorstep, are huge additions to our block's convenience store, homeless shelter and mr. tasty's burger joint. i have been eating at the oven a lot, and when i'm either in a rush and need to grab something on my way out, or sitting at home too bored/lazy to go anywhere else, walking a flight of stairs to get vegan pizza is pretty manageable. when they opened, they only offered small pizzas, but the other day i was told they now had a large pie. the other morning, i decided to take the plunge into a large pie purchase, with the hopes that it might last me at least a couple days.

leftovers are great, and last night while finishing the last of my leftover pizza, i thought about blogging about it, and realized that i had other leftovers to cover here in this blog.

remember just last week when i mentioned finding my thought-to-be-lost point and shoot camera? well, with finding that, i found a couple of photos still on it. ironically enough, i found the camera in the pocket of the sweater i was wearing in some of the shots, hah, figures!

a while back when it was still considered summer, i dragged pat out for lunch at urb-herb. for a meat eater, he doesn't seem to mind vegan food.

later that week, heather and i ventured out to etobicoke for an ikea and licks run. i bought a bookshelf at ikea and ended up leaving my car parked on queen street in front of my apartment after unloading it. i had planned to go back out that night and move my car, but didn't, which resulted in my car getting towed. worst.

i also made the realization that i had a ton of photos left from tour that i hadn't posted! here are a couple of MJ and i's escapades through america. first we have some misplaced casualties from our walk down haight street from one great place to another

next up we have a bunch of shots left over from texas. here my australian vegan princess and i take a romantic walk to the texas alamo monument, and then continued through this cute little river walk that streams under the majority of the downtown.

i miss you emmmmj!

last but not least, we've got this little gem of kevin on the bus, and shane eating taco cabana in the back lounge with some random superbro dude that i don't ever remember meeting, but acted like we've all been friends for a lifetime.

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