more phone photos

so i've been struggling through this no camera thing, and here are some more photos that i've taken with my blackberry. luckily, iphoto '08 makes them look not terribly awful.

the venue in vienna wasn't really close to downtown, but i did manage to wander a few blocks to find this mall/train station that apparently used to be a gas chamber? yikes...

every day, a bunch of us have been trying to get out, stretch the legs, see the sights, and get some exercise. this rendezvous of friends traveling on foot has been exclusively referred to as the "walk-about" (not to be confused with a "john-locke-about" ...i am so stoked for next weeks lost episode!)

we had a day off in zurich switzerland, and the rain from the day of the show had let up. we started walking around 1, and headed back to the delicious vegetarian restaurant that shane and i had gone to the day before. we ended up walking around for close to 5 hours throughout this beautiful city, and here are a couple photos from that.

more like "swanzerland"

some big monument constructed out of old wheels, mechanisms and junk, not unlike the outside of toronto's legendary bovine sex club.

a shitty pixilated shot of a ferry exploring the gorgeous waterfront.

a lot of nice little creeks and rivers.

next we headed to france, and lyon was pretty uneventful, and while toulouse seemed like it would probably be worse, we ended up wandering off to find a nice little stream that was surrounded by trees, full of old house boats, and followed by a nice little bike/pedestrian trail.

team walk-about!

this pig seems to have lost his hand! (see bellow as well)

after the walk-about, we headed to a "supermarche" so that everyone could indulge in magnum ice cream bars. luckily i found these delicious tropical sorbet-sicles!

finally, here's a shot that shane grabbed of me with my handless, porker friend.


as promised...

i compiled a ton of photos from the end of the last US tour, as well as a bunch of stuff i took at home, including blue jays games, sweet friendship hang outs, and juice's homecoming ballooning.

click on the photos / links below to uncover the plethora of photos which lie beneath.


i also compiled over 100 photos from my road trip to minneapolis and marshalltown to see the last two modern life is war shows.


and regardless of leaving my camera in my car, i ended up snapping some photos on my camera phone as a last resort.

berlin germany.



...and i will never truely die!

hah, i guess this update comes with a bit of a "back from the dead" vibe, as it's been pretty dead here lately.

i'm in germany right now, and had a minute while sitting in the venue lobby post show, and figured i should check in and let you know i'm alive and well. i'm actually enjoying europe this time around too, and hopefully my PMA will get me through the rest of the month.

a couple weekends ago i drove a whole lot to go see the last two modern life is war shows. i have a bunch of photos from that weekend, but for now i decided to just post the one above. i'll post more when i get around to it. in the mean time, you should swing over and read (new blogger/vegan warrior friend) beeps and both of scott's entries about the weekend.

in bad future blogging news: i forgot my camera in my car on the way to europe, so unless i steal photos from someone else, there won't be any over the next month.

in good future blogging news: we finally got the internet over at 352 1/2 queen street east, and i'll be home most of the summer, which means tons of toronto blogging will be done.

oh, and i think i really like a girl, no big deal.