speaking of tomorrow, how will it ever come?

Jay Bennett, one of the masterminds behind the perhaps most brilliant, innovative, tense, and earnest albums of the last decade (wilco's 2002 album 'yankee hotel foxtrot') was found dead this morning. For anyone who has yet to hear this masterpiece, or see it's corresponding film "i am trying to break your heart" (which mostly depicts the struggle between Jay and wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy in the studio, as well as Jay's departure from the band) is missing out big time. It's sad to think that the making of that record was such a climax and pivotal turn for the worse for Jay's life and career, as he's responsible for a lot of the album's uniqueness and creativity. Rest in peace.

another one.

paul in manchester, england.

don't smoke.

i'm in scotland and starting to go through hundreds of photos from this tour so far.

here's one i liked right off the bat of sean from prom queen/deez nuts at rockfest in belgium. those dudes are in america right now touring- stoked for them.

click it to make it bigger.


i'm working on the same again


you'd better run, you'd better take cova

i finally got around to going through my photos from our trip to australia earlier this year. we went down to play the soundwave festival with an overwhelming amount of rad bands and friends, and unfortunately i didn't use my camera nearly as much as i had hoped to. i did however catch some shots in brisbane of cashy & lulu and i going to alibi room for unreal breakfast, a few shots from the hotel in melbourne with a ton of bands trying to check in at once, and our lunch that day with richard at bowl of soul. after the tour was over, i flew back to melbourne to stay with richard, and hang out for a few days. i spent my first afternoon there wandering around downtown and eating lord of the fries with ETim and his buddy, and later met back up with rich, borgs, bronwyn, mel, jess, weber and his girlfriend at east brunswick club for vegan chicken parma's, delicious!



new horizons.

hello friends.
sorry for the lack of updates lately.
i'm going to try and do a general + / - entry about what's been going on, and then talk about some things to come.

+ american vegan food (watercourse, herbivore, paradox cafe, voodoo donuts, juliano's pizza, spiral cafe, vegan hotdog guy and his new restaurant in orlando, soul veg, panda veg, gianna's grille, julians, nice slice, red bamboo, avalon bakery, the place in cinci that joe took me to, chicago diner, the place in pittsburgh that stacy took me to and the little juicebar cafe in baltimore.)
+ root beer.
+ seeing the cancer bats in utah.
+ george being a sweet bro.
+ joel & aja in vegas.
+ nfg/bayside/syg tour in sf and detroit.
+ gregers in seattle.
+ seeing nada, weber, kt, aileen, cameron, katy, beemer, eric tobin, will and many more friends at bamboozle left.
+ the get up kids.
+ same name friendship day in austin with will.
+ seeing morrissey's bus in houston.
+ coffee.
+ adam camera guy.
+ courtney and tracy in charlotte.
+ pulin in richmond.
+ hot tubs, steam rooms/showers.
+ static lullaby bailing out the tour and being super bros.
+ mike ski, josie and mikey loved one in philly.
+ museum shit talks with anto.
+ race, ry ry, and long island.
+ pmr, tremblay, bowling on palmer's birthday.
+ best day off in detroit.
+ joe foster in cinci.
+ stephanie marlow, chris behm and co. in chicago.
+ book shopping in columbus.
+ stacy in pittsburgh.
+ the bless the fall kids and getting to know super bro's beau and brandon.
+ katie brown coooooooooming ouuuuuuuut in philly, LI and bamboozle nj. (how did i forget this?)
+ watching christian (bamboozle promoter) mosh/text during VOD.
+ seeing team rise against and billy talent briefly.
+ the ronettes: be my baby.

- norma jean checking out.
- losing money at the casino in reno.
- the american economy sucking.
- constant rain for nyc off day, and for most of the east coast.
- the webster theater and other shitty venues.
- more rain and massive headaches at bamboozle.
- not really having enough time to see anyone at bamboozle.
- crashing my car on the way to the airport.

so yeah, i had two days off at home after that tour, and i decided that since i didn't touch my camera once on the whole tour, it was time for a change. the first thing i did when i got home was head down to henry's and trade in my shit. based on the positive reviews and results i've seen from jess, rennick and my own research, requirements (and other r related words), i decided to go with the lumix dmc-lx3.

so far, i love it. i don't there there could possibly be a camera more suited for my needs and personal preference and enjoyment. it's got a great lens that has both a wide angle and aperture, which i love. it seems to do everything that i ever did with my giant, heavy, unpractical SLR, and more!

anyways, i feel i made the most of my limited time off, and took a bunch of photos hanging with my friends courtney, dylan, beth and diaz who were all in town on tour, amongst many great pals from toronto and it's surrounding area.


oh, and i'm in europe now for 3 weeks and plan to take a lot of photos, although, so far i haven't taken too many.