bad scene(fest), everyone's fault.

i caught a ride with my bro's cancer bats to st catherines to attend the annual 'SCENE festival'

one of my highlights of the day was seeing my friend peter and his new band teenage kicks! you should check out their blog or head over to juicebox.com to download their new 7" for free!

SUMMER OF (your name here)

sometime in june.
parts + labour.


take to the basements, play broken instruments, die for a seven inch

i've started a new blog that you can visit here: ontherecords.wordpress.com

i'm going to post about how cool my record collection is and attempt to prove that i'm a bigger music snob / better (ha!) music blogger than nada.

thanks to vanessa for the immediate inspiration, and the rest of y'all that have been trying to convince me into doing this sort of thing for years.

bookmark/follow/rss that shit!



this is birthday

i celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday in philadelphia at 'this is hardcore'.
if you missed it, feel free to live vicariously through this video.