here comes a gentleman, he'll put you to the test

oh hi there.

i'm back in toronto, and i've been keeping busy. i got a job at american apparel on queen west, working full time in the stock room, and that is going extremely well so far. i suppose i have a lot to talk about, but i haven't really been keeping track of anything or taking photos to make things blog worthy, but "baby, that's what friends are for"!

here's a list of interesting things i've done that you can read in some extremely great and well updated blogs that some of my friends run:

from jessbaumung.com
- strike anywhere was in town.
- i talked about rob on MTV.
- we played at MTV.

from matt rennick's makergo.com
- i road my bike.
- i road my bike some more. (and held matt's empty beer can)
- i went to the bicycle film fest.

from andrea's blogspot.
- i saw rosesdead's last show.

from patrick's blogspot
- i dj'd at an kickoff party for rob's skate.

i've also eaten some sweet f00dz at some of torontos finest establishments:
- sadies diner.
- fressen / urban herbivore.
- fresh.
- la commensal.
- sneaky dee's.
- vegetarian haven.
- magic oven. (now located next to my apartment door!)

yesterday, the southern hemispheres finest dan smith tattooed my feet, and this is what they look like.

i've spent today on the couch watching movies and interneting.



so we're in prague, and today is the last show of the european tour. cancer bats are here a day early for their show tomorrow, so it's been fun hanging out with them all afternoon. i'm really stoked to get home, for what now will be 3 months off.

paul koehler (from myspace) just posted a pretty epic photo blog from this tour, so swing over there and check it out.

my next post will come from the comfort of my own bed, can't wait!


(even) more photos!




NORWAY. (mmmm)




more photos.

scandinavia is so gorgeous, but unfortunately i've been slacking with my awful phone photos.
here are some from barcelona and paris, though.

i also added some new links to the sidebar, i find i'm lurking more blogs these days.

THE HOLD STEADY: stay positive.
MODERN LIFE IS WAR: my love, my way.
DESCENDENTS: milo goes to college.
JAWBREAKER: 24 hour revenge therapy.
THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM: senor and the queen.