seeing as last thursday i spent most of my day in the hospital, this week was my first week back out to strangelove for "dance like you fuck". something was a little off, probably due to the fact that my bartender friend diane got moved to working fridays and saturdays instead, and the aussies have left toronto. dudes night will never be the same again. luckily i had deano and pat to hang with, and i popped upstairs to say hello to diane while she was cleaning her apartment.

here's some photos that i snapped.

the jons! no photos please!

matt vardy put down his camera this week to have his hands free for more beer! he better watch out, before he knows it pat is gonna steal his job!

cole living the party life, i think the blonde's name is sarah.

pat and i, not sure what with my "blue steel" impression.

deano and my double chin. who's that girl? foul ball!

clubbin' life.

deano again, this time with S4C shutter bug erin hogue.


jon one. (or is he jon two?)

pat multitasks at sneaks. nachos + bbm.

this is dani brown, we finally met.

cole: mealin'.

pat wrote about this night too.

today i took the subway up to finch station to pick up oasis / ryan adams tickets that i craigslisted, stoked.

*i should probably point out that the september 9th show has been rescheduled for december 15th.

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Cursor Spill said...

the blonde's name is sarah, and once, cole described her as a girl he tried to flip over like a fucking pancake during sex.