so after australia i was in japan for something like 9 days. when we arrived at the airport in nagoya, there was someone waiting with a sign with my name on it, who told us that all of our luggage and equipment missed the connecting flight. this meant that we were left with just the clothes and stuff that we brought onto the plane for the next few days. lucky for me, i wore gym shorts and a smelly tshirt onto the plane, and it was considerably cold in japan, great. one good thing that came out of this is that i got really into wearing the night gown/kimono that the hotels provided each night. the hardest thing about going to japan is being vegan, because not only does the japanese culture base most of their food around meat and fish, if there was a vegetarian option, i don't speak/read japanese and hardly anyone speaks english for me to know about it. some of the guys quickly found this mexican restaurant LOS TACO across the street from the hotel, and i think i ate there something like 8 times in 3 days. they had really great guacamole, and a cool pumpkin tempura taco (?).

i ended up finding a vegan restaurant in shibuya called VEGAN HEALING CAFE, which was pretty great. i ended up finding my way around a lot better this time too. i ended up getting up early one morning and walking around a bit, then jumping on a subway to the aoyama and harajuku shopping districts. i found a few fred perry stores and got some cool stuff.

the tour was with MXPX and they were all super nice, band and crew included. after the first tokyo show we all went out to a traditional japanese restaurant with the promoters from creativeman. it basically turned into a shit show when the pitchers of beer and sake kept flowing and mixing together.

anyways, pictures are worth a thousand words, so check them out.