pull yourself together, man.

hi friends,
this blog is coming from the comfort of my own bed, as i am back home in toronto for a few months to record a new album.

the other day i stumbled upon descendents online and noticed that the webstore had restocked the limited edition vans authentics. i had purchased a pair 2 and a half years ago when the shoes were released, and was under the impression that they were out of print. the vans website had no indication of repressing the descendents shoes, so i can only assume that the band found some pairs of these kicking around their warehouse. regardless, i was stoked, and immediately placed an order for a new pair to companion my old pair that have seen better days.

no booze, no drugs, just mug!

when i got home the other night, it had appeared that my apartment had been robbed! then i remembered that juice and chris moved out while i was away, and realized how much of the home furnishings really belonged to chris.

it's no couch, but this set up is surely convenient for scott and steves video gamin' and chepelle show watchin'.

less bikes, less shoes, boys don't cry.

the dining room: featuring a broken chair and the floor, home of our internet router.

needless to say, coming home from tour always lends itself kindly to being stuck with a messy room for the first week back.

this time was not only a prime example of that, but a great indication that i needed to clean up shop asap. i decided to dedicate my night to the complete overhaul cleaning of my room.

clean tour laundry, ready to go.

the cleaning process smiled upon me and turned up this little bad boy, which i had assumed i lost somewhere on my recent trip to california. luckily that little guy will be back in full for for all my compact photographic needs.

i cleaned out my closet, refolded everything up top, and installed a light!

clean(er) room! notice the new curtain set up, a moving casualty that i found left behind in juices old room.

in preparation for heading into the studio in a few days, i took my old trusty 1972 fender p. bass into twelfth fret for a setup, and managed to stumble across this little gem. please say hello to my newly acquired 1977 rickenbacker 4001.

this morning i offered to give pat a ride into burlington for his tattoo appointment. it was a good chance for me to go see mom, as well as pop into the shop and see bailey and the gang, and book some much needed time in december to finish my arm and shoulder.

i snagged this shot of pat suffering with my phone, because i'm a much better photoblogerist than pat ever will be, regardless of what he tells you about his new camera (which he forgot to bring to burlington...case in point).

KIDROBOTxSIMPSONS toys; i bought a lot of these on tour.

i also want to encourage you to go check out my friend brooks' new photography project WE ARE SLEEPING GIANTS, which features a collection of beautifuly stunning photos of some friends of his (present blogger included) isolated in the glory of summer nights.

and lastly, in sadder news: bang, tyson and tim have all left toronto, with adam straight back to aus, and the others off to NYC for a few weeks before a brief stint in LA on their way home. i met tyson and bang briefly when i was in aus last, but only really got to know them a few months ago, and tim shortly after. while our time together was short, i immediately took those clowns in as massive brethren, and already miss their company and antics here in the city. guys night will never be the same. looking forward to seeing them back on their home front for their summer in february. safe travels pals!


robinacraftmoney said...

you and my boyfriend would get along. you wear the same sneakers and the exact same urban outfitters plaid shirt while riding your fixed gears.


Danii said...

Nice kicks.