your talk is cheap and it's going nowhere

you're the sucker- keep talking, keep talking away.

i'll have a real post soon.


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bad scene, everyones fault

so this past weekend we took part in the annual S.C.E.N.E. music festival in st. catherines. this was our second time on the bill, as we got added last minute like 3 or 4 summers ago. SCENE is set up much like the austin texas south by southwest dealy, and focuses on local bands from southern ontario. something like 200 bands played at like 10-12 different stages and venues over the course of one day in a couple small blocks of downtown st. kitts.

something that i remembered taking part in the last time we played was the mixtape exchange that takes place each year, run by the niagara mixtape union. now, as some of you may or may not know, i love the art of the mixtape, and have been known to whip up quite the mix when my stomach starts to hurt a little bit after meeting a cute girl, on a special holiday/birthday/occasion, when a friend needs a pick me up, or just for the heck of it. i got real stoked to participate this year, and even made a point to get a head start and put a ton of time into my entry. unfortunately, as time ran out, and the weekend got closer, and more so after i forgot to save the cover i made, i didn't end up finishing in time to bring a physical copy to the festival to participate with, but i figured, "why should i waste a great mix?", and decided i should post it here.

my intentions with making this mix was deliberate in speaking to the unknown listener. i wanted to make a tape that would reach the ears of some person i have never met before, particularly someone who knows nothing about me, and perhaps even someone who knows nothing about the scene, culture and music that has shaped my life for what seems to be the majority of my existence. with that, i picked a bunch of songs that speak to me about my life, as well as the ideas, attitude, feelings, ethics and relationships that this movement that i call "punk" are built upon, and have been scratched so deeply into my soul.

what i ended up with was this:

clicking that link above will take you to a website where you can download a .zip file. when the file downloads, it should extract itself into a folder that contains 2 mp3 files and a txt file. each mp3 is an entire 45 minute side of a cassette, and the txt file is the track listing and lyrics. (if you get an error that it has been downloaded too many times, then please leave a comment and i will reupload it, but not before being surprised that enough people are actually reading this and would want to take a listen)

listen, read along, repeat, live it.