terrible news

item one.
we're in winnipeg, and our trailer is broken. we're going to have to wait til tomorrow morning to find an open shop that may or may not be able to repair it before we can leave.

item two.
we had to cancel a show in omaha because of item one.

item three.
i sold out to twitter. follow me if you'd like.

(not so terrible) item four.
due to item one, i've had an extra day of delicious food hangs with the internets-favourite-chef, beeps (not-excluding fatmat, nate, jay, and some girl named sarde.)


careless love.



PAINT IT BLACK @ 538 Johnson Loft in Brooklyn
Look for my Blue Jays hat at the end!


me singing these songs don't compare to what he did over there

i played a show on my own the other night at the bovine sex club with my friend kyle's band brighter brightest. patrick snapped a few photos (above) on my camera. i don't really have any songs of my own, and was asked to play last minute, so these are the covers i pulled together.

LUCERO: joining the army.
BON IVER: blood bank.
PEDRO THE LION: bands with managers.
RYAN ADAMS: crossed out name.
CHUCK RAGAN: the boat.
JAWBREAKER: do you still hate me?
OPERATION IVY: the crowd.
THE HOLD STEADY: slapped actress.

it was swell, aside from all the nervousness and fuck ups.
thanks to the friends who came out.


criticized for letting you break my heart

favourite song right now.


chicks and bikes

so if there is one thing that i love more than the things i love, it's mixing TWO things that i love.

here are some examples:
- peanut butter & soy ice cream.
- breakfast & friendship.
- baseball & lemonade.
- will evans & root beer.

see what i mean?

now, that's why i was so pumped when will passed along the link to what could very well be, the best blog of all time, chicks & bikes. anyone who knows anything about anything knows that the only thing more attractive than a girl playing guitar, is a girl riding a bike. the blog is a photo only showcase of all types of beautiful girls with all types of beautiful bikes. who could ask for anything more?

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