with love and trust and friends and hammers

oh hello there.
it's been a while, i know, and i'm sorry, but i'm back! prepare yourself for this epic update where i will try to recap my summer.

i took some photos for a couple bands, which is something i used to do a lot, but hadn't done in quite a while. you can look at them:
ANNELIESE: here & here.

something that has been a staple in my summer life for the majority of the past decade, whether it be for one day or 40, is warped tour. this year they moved it to the lot at arrow hall instead of all the way up in barrie. patrick and i drove up mostly to see and hang with set your goals, a day to remember and against me! aside from the couple of hours of torrential rain, it was a pretty good day, and i back arrow hall! patrick talks about this day here.

this summer has had no shortage of good pals, and good food, but the one thing that i thought i'd be doing more is BBQin'! here's a couple shots from an afternoon on the porch with toronto's man of the people.

if you listen to hardcore, and live anywhere near toronto that isn't directly under a rock, then you must know about STUCK IN THE CITY: an awesome new diy hardcore community that my friends scott, greg and erik have been building. going to shows at their spot resonates the vibes and attitude that were accustom to the hardcore community when i started going to shows, and it's great to see these guys rekindling that spirit. if you don't know, now you know.

here's some shots of some pals hanging at dee's after SITC's shipwreck show.

courtney moved in with SBD and JD, which led to a party, which led to these photos of kylehutton.net & HLS.

rainy days + coffee + long talks + andrea = good.

george and i went to see the dark knight. minds were blown. heath ledger rip ftw.

speaking of good foods and pals, one lovely sunday afternoon found funnyguy alex tindal and i engaging in the market's "pedestrian sunday" for some urb-herb (after being told that fressen had "run out of food?!)

good friends don't all have to come from home, either! superfriends and world travelers katiebrown and aileen popped into town for a few days, from their respective american coasts, to experience the FULLBLAST reunion shows. they spent a couple days with me in the city, and good times were had.

unfortunately i don't have any photos from the actual show, but you can read about it and it's total unreality here and here. (thanks to patrick and andrew s, respectively)

speaking of shows, we've played a few this summer. most of them have been outdoors, and in ontario and quebec, and involved us all piling into the van again like old times. here's some random shots from my cell phone from some of the trips to quebec.

after spending the day driving home from one of those quebec shows, i somehow ended up heading to grand bend for the cutting edge music festival with jason and stephanie from out east. i'm only really making mention of this for the sole purpose of showing you these two photos of bagshaw. (who, while very drunk, still has impeccable aim when it comes to throwing garbage at fat girls who are sitting on their boyfriends shoulders, thus blocking out view of the stage)

another stop on the weird outdoor summer festival shows tour brought us to saskatoon, for the saskatchewan exhibition. to make a long story short, we got delayed leaving toronto, and by the time we arrived for our layover in winnipeg, we had missed our connection to saskatoon. at first i got my hopes up about seeing beeps and fat mat, but was abruptly told we needed to get back on the plane we were on and head to regina, where we would then have to figure out how to get ourselves to saskatoon.

cue in matt means to the rescue!

wait, there he is!

being the a-team pal that he is, he offered to pick our stranded asses up and take us on a gorgeous drive through the prairies so that we would make it to play the show.

we somehow managed to talk him into playing a couple songs to warm up the crowd before we hit the stage, what a swell friend that guy is!

my team-a aussie mate jona stopped through town on tour, and i made sure to take him to all of the best vegan food spots through out the day. we ate a lot of food, we had a good conversation.

oh, it was my birthday right about now. i am twenty four. i have no photos.

apparently it hails in toronto in august? weeeeeeird.

tyson and bang getting ready for an epic guys night. team-a for sure!

crime in stereo - the trouble stateside.
tegan and sara - the con.
fucked up - the chemistry of common life.
the national - boxer.
the gaslight anthem - '59 sound.