take that weatherman! *throws frosty*

this morning i woke up, and felt like today could be a day where i take my bike out for a ride. i checked my dashboard weather widget, and was blown away to see that i should expect a high of 20 degrees celsius. at the time, it was showing it to be about 15. i had to run to staples to print some things off, so i put on my newly purchased mec thermal shirt, a thin hoodie, and flannel, thinking that i would be sufficiently warm enough to ride my bike down the road. i got outside, and felt like someone may have misjudged the situation, as it did not feel anywhere close to 15 degrees. in fact, on my way back from staples, it had started to snow! i had to go back out, so i added my fred perry windbreaker to the layering process, and found myself very comfortable when back on the bike, as the thermal kept me warm on the inside, and the nylon shell kept the wind off my frail bones.

hours later, i looked out my window to see this!

it seems like winter is finally here! what the fuck was the weather widget thinking?

i just now realized that since coming home from tour, i had my widget carelessly set to toronto kansas, or something. once i changed it to ontario, it informs me that it is indeed -2 and snowing.

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William Woods said...

how are you this good at blogging. You never cease to make me idolize you more.