i'm bending, i'm breaking, i'm broken, i'm still alive

the other day on the last leg of the tour, my friend karl drove out to worcester mass from boston to hang out. he came bearing gifts of general tso mock chicken, and a box full of bridge 9 swag. after bundling up into my new H2O "STILL HERE, SINCERE" hoodie, and anxiously digging through selections of rare vinyl (including crime in stereo, new found glory, and more), i popped the new VERSE cd "aggression" into my laptop.

since that night just shy of two weeks ago, i've been spinning this disc non stop. i've been telling people that this record is quite possibly everything that i've ever loved about hardcore in one. with a nice collection of songs both fast and slow, angry and aggressive yet comfortably melodic vocals, uplifting and politically charged, mind opening lyrics. fans of modern life is war's "witness", comeback kid's "broadcasting" and with honor's "this is our revenge" will thoroughly enjoy this record as i have, yet at no point does "aggression" stray from anything short of an original and fresh sound or statement. check out the 3 part "story of a free man" saga, and be sure to read the lyrics.

thanks karl!

in other news, i just watched annie hall.

when you're done with verse, listen to jawbreaker.

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