i plan to make my escape, gonna check out the united states.

so we're down to the last week of tour, and i realized that i have about a million photos to post still, from all the way back as far as seattle.

i mentioned earlier about hanging with gregers in seattle, but i was also graced with the presence of australian vegan/edgeman/megabro jona, who flew up from california to get his throat tattooed (ouch). take a look at some photos:

australia in full effect!

jval and pk in the back lounge.

richie is there too.

paul marc promoting cancer in the escape the fate rv.

jona wanted an rv shot too.

kevin computes.

next up was san francisco, where MJ and i awoke early to head to herbivore for brunch! unfortunately i didn't get any photos of our delicious meals (i had tofu scramble, she had french toast), but here are some shot on our way across haight street.

here was our final destination, the holy grail of record stores, amoeba music!

paul came and met us at amoeba and picked up a few records and discs.

bus parking only.

sutter and van ness.

i buried my heart at the bottom of that hill.

that's us.

blurry pmr.

they're like a married couple most of the time.


more van ness.

danny txts in the trailer.

paul marc took this photo of shane, it was too good to pass up.

then i took this photo of paul marc.

san francisco also brought the company of v and her friend linney, and unfortunately i didn't get any photos of hanging out with them, but it's probably for the best on account of the fact they got pretty drunk.

i didn't take any photos in fresno, because no one likes fresno. the show was pretty good aside from ample technical problems and sean palmers computer getting stolen.

next stop was the big bright lights of hollywood. being in LA always brings out a ton of friends, most of which were all out in fine form, most notably my same named, mustached brother in spirit; william evans. v and linney also came down from SF to hang some more, and we ate at california vegan for dinner. katy whodey and ben popped in briefly, and i think i even saw eric tobin make an appearance. i took busses and a cab to and from amoeba, and picked up a couple neat 7"s and some stuff for paul. i also bought a sweater at barney's co op in the grove, which i had previously thought about purchasing on my last solo trip to so cal. anyways, none of these exciting things that i am talking about were properly photographed, but here are a couple photos that i did snap.

the wiltern theatre marquee.

the stage at the wiltern while a skylit drive sets up.

the pauls love their doubleshots on ice from the bux.

paul marc: still smoking.

after LA we headed to san diego, where i again forgot to take photos. i started my day walking to the jamba juice plaza with MJ, where we got juice and clif bars for breakfast. got some good hang time in with george, our friendly tattooed art gallery, who kindly drove me to pick up dinner of vegan pizza and an assortment of vegan strudel from stephanie's cafe on the beach. i also got to reunite with nada, who came out to work the show as a stop on her invisible children tour. katy whodey and ben came down again and we got to hang out some more. i also shared many hugs with KT on behalf of aileen's insistent "give her/him a hug for me", as well as a sweet gratitude singalong sesh in the in'n'out drive thru.

next up was vegas, where i lost money playing cards, and hung out with nada some more. i left the camera packed away for another day, but will revive this next photo from the archives to properly represent the highlight of every trip to vegas, ronald's (vegan) donuts!

next stop was tempe arizona. it was really hot, as usual, even in october. i felt pretty shit, so i sat around in my gym shorts all day and caught up on internet television streaming. finally around dinner time, i ventured across the bridge to hit up the pharmacy for medicine, and american apparel to complete my halloween costume.

unknown pleasures on the mill street bridge.


i managed to talk the fine folk here into honouring my questionably active staff discount by reciting style codes and my knowledge of such buzz words as "retail pro".

next stop was tulsa oklahoma, where we were once again booked in the same city as the bayside tour. fortunately for the sake of hangouts, our shows were only a block apart, so i got to swing by for soundcheck, get dinner with ant, and managed to catch some of their set after we finished playing.

after both shows were done, our bus filled up for reuniting hangs and NHL08 hockey tournaments.

palmer is stoked; jval enters the shot abruptly.

jack oshea enjoys a fine beverage while nick and ant standby.

sean palmer and vegan treats (peanut chews and MJ collectively)

oh yeah, we stopped in texas on the day off where kevin smuggled some texan "lone star" beer out of state.


hah, this may or may not be a true statement.

after leaving tulsa, we made a much needed stop at a 24 hour walmart.

pmr gets stoked on small white vneck 5 packs.

i think he's bummed that he can't find easy mac.

driver dave, stockin' up!

jval shows off the secret to his girlish figure, easy mac and chewing gum, exclusively.

next up was dallas. first things first, shane, MJ and i went and grabbed lunch with our friend jesse from fort worth. last time we were in dallas, jesse took us to spiral cafe, so obviously we were stoked to go back.

shane and jesse with salad and soup to start.

i drink everything with a straw now, even coffee.

"the mitch" tofu club for me, delicious!

MJ with the seitan parm wrap and berry smoothie.

vegan brownie mountain mudslide for desert, unreal!

MJ is too excited!

shane dives in.

i probably got ice cream in my mustache.

sanford and willie?

front step photo ops.

dallas skyline.

wild bill's!

record street, i need to live here.

the grassy knoll. notice the small x's on the road where kennedy was shot.

texas book depository building, supposed shots came from the corner window on the right side of the 6th floor.

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Courtney said...

You have way too much fun on tour. it's not fair. Take me with you! Oh hey guess what! I made the transition and became vegan! Can we have cooking parties please?