so we took the super early flight from halifax to toronto, and i headed back to burlington to get my car, which christie had been borrowing for a few weeks while i was gone. the best part of that situation is that she took care of taking it in to get the brakes fixed for me, so that was one less thing to worry about. i visited with mom for a bit, and then headed back to oakville to shower and pay rent for an entire month of not being home! around 11 i headed out to toronto, and stopped in to see rick and andrea at the obey showroom. they kindly dressed me up in an entire new outfit for me to wear on much music. i went to pick up HLS and and headed to le commensal to meet alex lee.

after an encredibly enjoyable lunch and visit with alex and heather, i headed over to their new place with heather, and helped her fix the washer/dryer (again).

did some more running around, like heading to the mall to drop off some new glasses to get lens' put in them, as well as getting some white vans authentics from urban outfitters. around 4:30 i headed over to much music to meet up with the band and motty and filmed an interview for much news, before appearing live on much on demand.

after the interviews, we all headed over to the much store, where we met up with pauls girlfriend tara, stacey norton (both pictured below) and andy owens (not in photo).

after the in-store, i picked up my new glasses and headed to vegetarian haven to meet with my friend antonella that i ran into at much, on account of the fact that she works there. dinner was delicious, but unfortunately no photos were taken. i then headed to the drake hotel for our official cd release party where i was djing. a bunch of friends showed up, but over all the turn out was pretty weak. had a great time seeing friends while i wasn't djing, though!

courtney and HLS.

alex lee!

rick and andrea, then + me and joe from universal.

swh pat and ewan.

ewan and t-po.


doing a straight edge shot of some sort of mix of strawberry and lime, that i later named "trident splash gum"

definitely got some good use out of the drakes photobooth, and i plan to be a return customer!

everyone try on the new glasses!

i think i got another 2-3 hours of sleep before another early flight to quebec city, where i soon learned that the bus was being fixed and wouldn't be back at the venue until around 6:30. i ended up walking around the venue and later the mall across the street like a zombie before graciously being invited to take a nap in the comeback kid van. swell fellows they are! the quebec city show was definitely the biggest on the tour, and i ended up going to bed right after and enjoying my first full night sleep of the week.


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little one said...

sooo many of my favorite people were pictured in this post!!!!

yay to pics.