it's very rare that i get to spend any time at home while in the middle of a tour, but this tour has given me that opportunity on more than one occasion. the one thing about playing locally, or having limited time at home while on tour is that it's usually super hectic, and next to impossible to fit in everything and everyone. i was definitely aided with the fact that my mom was able to pick me up at the venue in the morning and bring me home to get my car so i at least had a way around and wasn't stuck at the venue the whole time, thanks ma. another thing with all this hecticness was that i didn't really take as many photos as i should've. heather captured these two while we were driving around in china town:

heather and i had brunch at fressen where i ate the french toast and we both had muffins. afterwards we met with alex at their apartment and i helped set things up a bit before we headed up to the venue. the show was pretty fun, and it was super amazing to play for such a large local crowd. the cancer bats dudes were in town and out to the show, as was toronto photographer extrodinare jess baumung, who managed to capture this cute photo of liam and i becoming blackberry pin pals.

after the show i headed downtown with the girls, and crashed at their place. the morning quickly turned into the afternoon, and the rain ruined our plans to see everyone for brunch and soccer in the park, but we picked up s-a and courtney and headed down to lakeview to have brunch with the bats, goose, marika and co. jimmy also came and met up, which was nice.

i headed to burlington and got my bike, and came back to head to the regulators game. it was pouring, and i didn't last long at the game before accepting an invite to the bo for dinner. afterwards i headed to dee's to meet up with andrew, t-po and the rest of the team and eventually swung by to say hello to patrick at his place. andrew and i road over to trinity bellwoods after to practice skids, and i finally got it! yay for me for learning how to skid!

the one thing this trip home, conversations that i had while home, and those derived from subsequent actions have really hammered home the fact that i am never home, and have a real hard time offering any sort of stability or constant support to the people that i care about at home. i've had a lot of things weighing super heavy on me lately, and it all comes down to the fact that i'm not home, and can't really be there for my friends and the people i care about, and that really bums me out. i wish i could overcome this, and i whole heartedly apologize if this has put a strain on your life or our relationship, because it certainly has on my end. i guess this is my first bummed out blog entry.

the few days since this have been pretty uninspiring, and i haven't done much as far as taking photos or anything, so i may not have much to post up to now, but i really plan to get my self in check, get out on the bike and start snapping away again. real stoked for winnipeg, but i've got green bay and st. paul to explore en route.

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