wow, i have finally emerged from a hell-bent week of flying five times, sleeping very little, and waking up extremely early. it started off last thursday in new jersey at the starland ballroom. the show was amazing, and directly after, we headed to the airport for a 6am flight to pittsburg to shoot a video. we arrived in pittsburg, and headed straight to a hotel to shower, change and get ourselves together, and then headed straight to the first video shoot location. the video is for a new song called 'if you could see into my soul', and the concept of the video involves us robbing a bank. the first day we filmed all the performance footage of us playing the song in our "hide out/secret layer". the location was in the basement of this old building in braddock pennsylvania, which seems to be a fair abandonned steal town suburb. here's some photos:

this is danny, the director/producer.

the makeup girl was real cute!

chocolate covered cookies from walmart are vegan!

after a long day of shooting, we grabbed some food at this bar called 'double wide grill' with mitch and pittsburg steve. they had delicious seitan wings, but ran out of seitan for me to order the sandwhich too.

day two found us in latrobe pennsylvania, the home of golf legend arnold palmer, mr. rogers and the first ever banana split. this is where we filmed all the footage of us robbing the bank. we basically bust into the bank, i throw the security guard to the floor, pin him down and handcuff him (which i did like 15-20 times, poor guy) and then josh and i force everyone else to get down, and stay down. while josh and i patrol the lobby with our baseball bat and axe handle (hahaha) respectively, shane and paul head to the vault, where they steal a diamond, and pass it to neil (who is acting as a bank employee) through a small door in the wall. we then all escape through the same small door in the vault, and disguise some hostages as us for when the police show up.

the shoot went pretty well, and i'm fairly confident that the video will turn out awesome! i think it's supposed to be done and ready to air in a couple weeks, and i'm looking forward to see the first edit.

after something like 14 hours on the set, we headed back to the hotel, and got minimal sleep before getting up at 4am to head to the airport for yet another early flight. we flew from pittsburgh back to new jersey, and then connected to halifax novia scotia. we arrived in halifax around noon, and immediate i got out, road my bike around town, grabbed some food at the wooden monkey and met up with my friend matt and some pals. unfortunately i didn't take many photos in halifax, because my battery was charging in the morning, and when i took it out to get back on the bike and head to the waterfront, it started to rain. it was great to get back to halifax and see some great friends, matt, ian hart and the ryans. i think i ended up sleeping another 2 or 3 hours that night before heading to the airport again to fly to toronto for press.

i'd like to also mention that i'm REALLY into the office season three right now.

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CBP said...

Halifax is Unreal!
I miss my home away from home.