i got caught in talking about the photos that i uploaded, and forgot about a bunch of really amazing stuff that happen in the past couple days!

i ordered a new bike from IRO cycle, which i plan to customize with a bunch of obey decals. i've been looking at the bike for a little while now, and was really discouraged by the $300 it was going to cost me to ship it to canada, but when i found out that i could ship it to the new york city canadian consulate at 154 attorney street (katiebrown and aileens place) for like, $15, i jumped and ordered it. so the bike should get there this week, and i will be tearing up the tough streets of NYC in a week! i found this photo on velospace of the bike i ordered with similar components (i didn't get the bullhorn bars, and i'm pretty sure my rims won't be as deep)

in lieu of the new bike, and the flight i'm going to have to take home from the last day of this tour, i also bought some sort of a suitcase for my bike, which should be super useful for bringing my bike on tour all the time.

in other news, i put in a call to tom renshaw about trying to get a sit with him for a portrait peice of my grandfather. he called me back right away, and said he is willing to work with my schedule and time off, even though he's booked up for like a year. check out his website, your mind will be blown!

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aileen said...

ohhhh you gotta explain these things to me bill! THAT'S why we're receiving a sweet bicycle to the canadian consulate next week, now i understand.