our orlando show was at the legendary house of blues in downtown disney. the one thing that's not so cool about this venue, is that aside from AMC theatres, virgin megastore, and a ton of rainforest cafe type overpriced restaurants, there really isn't much to do. it's pretty far away from the actual disney world park, as well as downtown orlando. we got picked up by a van that took us to do a signing at a ron jon surf shop. when we got back to the bus, i whipped around the parking lot a bit, but didn't really do much. a bunch of our good friends from the orlando area (chris gainesville, trent & shannon) came early to hang out.

headed inside where i found sean palmer drinking beer and watching rise against, then headed up to take some photos in the dressing room, where i ran into some of the comeback kids.

kevin (and carly?) and i in the back lounge.

made myself some vegan bbq sloppy joes!

chris gainesville shows off his authentic gainesville beard.

the night before in st petersburg, i had put some friends of my good pal brad gilboe on the guestlist. after the show, joe brought me a bag of coookies that the girls baked for me in gratitude of the tickets to the show. i spent at least an hour trying to get ahold of brad and the girl to find out if the cookies were vegan (which they were not) and ended up holding off on diving into the delicious smelling bag. the next day, when i actually found out that the cookies were in fact, not vegan, i seemed to be graced upon by "cookie karma", because some sort of cookie ferry (actually a fan of our band and her mom) brought me a bag of uncle eddies vegan cookies (yum!)

when we recieved plastic bottles of beer on the rider, kevin came up with, in his eyes, the most briliant invention tis universe has ever seen....sports bottle beer tops!

the back lounge started to get crazy.

kenna decided to get a buzz cut, which now makes him look 8 as opposed to 13.

joe fosters friend had a real neat hat on too, and apparently this is her fail safe "cute pose".

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