a beautiful, warm wednesday in atlanta georgia found us (for the 8th or 9th time) back at masquerade venue complex. as soon as i woke up, i decided to get on the whip and head out in search for vegan delights. the night before i had done my research on happy cow and got directions to the soul veg and whole foods that are both within a half mile of the venue. the masquerade happens to be surrounded by hills, and seeing as i didn't exactly copy down or print off the directions the night before, i did a lot of riding in circles, up and down some pretty treacherous slopes. i eventually arrived at my first destination, atlanta soul veg #2.

i decided upon a tofu sandwhich, with onion rings, and a mint chocolate chip shake to boot.

after some more riding in circles trying to get my barings on my non existant directions, i arrived at destination number 2, whole foods! i picked up a light load of juices, popsicles, tofurkey slices and some pomagrant green tea which i packed into my bag, and cut through the kroger parking lot to make it back in time for soundcheck.

when heading up the stairwell into the venue, i noticed that the atlanta hardcore scene rides in style when i saw these fine fixed gear machines locked up out front.

all in all, the show was pretty lame. the masquerade is a pretty shitty venue, and we've played there so many times in the past. the crowd was pretty dead as well, and is most certainly going to end up the smallest show on the tour. i did however bust a couple nice stage dives during the CBK set, which is always a good time.

today we have a day off in myrtle beach, and so far i'm just relaxing. i put in a call to IRO to ensure my bike would make it to NYC by wednesday, to which tony, the fellow i spoke to, was kind enough to offer to send the bike out asap with loaner cranks, as they are waiting for the ones i ordered to come in. looks like the bag, and some grips i ordered should make it to KB's with perfect timing.

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