so a few weeks ago we did a tour in europe. we mostly played festivals, including the full ponty in wales, download in england, and ROCK AM RING & ROCK IM PARK in germany. the rest of the shows were mostly in smaller german b-markets, with our friends today forever. when i wasn't getting sick, complaining about the food, or struggling with my sleep patterns, i took a couple photos that i thought i should post up.

hanging out on the bus in belgium, featuring european photograph phenom, and all around swell gal, cindy frey

day off in berlin.

new fred perry polo. stoked.

shane logging late night internerd hours at the alex hotel in berlin.

ROCK IM PARK - held in nuremberg germany, on the grounds of the historical nuremberg rallies

kevin and sean loading up in munster.

graffiti in munster.

end of tour photos & farewell salutations with today forever.

making faces.

bus antics.

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