you make my dreams come true (oo-oo ooo-oo)

i just got really into this show called "live from daryl's house" where daryl hall from hall & oats invites artists into his home to perform their songs with him and his band. this clip comes from the episode with patrick from fall out boy, where they perform a song that sounds like the stereo. patrick is super talented, and nails it singing and playing drums for this one.

in other patrick stump news, this is pretty funny.
in even more patrick stump shinfo, his (hopefully old) cellphone number was my go-to pocket dial for years.
dude probably hates me, if he even remembers/cares who i am anymore.
in semi-unrelated shinfo, justin pierre from motion city soundtrack directed that stereo video.


dan lipski said...

150 euros so about 110 toonies. ouch! still cheaper than ebay but not by much. pretty good shape though..

dan lipski said...

I wish. It's the third pressing UK with the blue stripe @ $3.50. actually, I already own the American one and i don't normally buy duplicates (with the exception of Chorus Of One which I've found in two different colors).
Picked up Bruce Springsteen's The River & Elvis Costello and the Attractions' Armed Forces for eight euros at the flea market today.
Man there's this one record store here with a HUGE wooden banana like on the cover of that record hanging in the window. I will have to make one myself someday. If I remember to I'll take a photo.