how i spent my summer vacation

here's the rest of the photos i took while out on warped tour. i didn't take my camera out at all while actually at warped tour, it seems, which is a bummer.

this is benson. he's a bro, vegan, loves bikes, tattoos, mustaches, coffee and being awesome.

ate at this rad spot called the foundation or something.

some sort of unreal pasta with peanut sauce deal. too good!

mike ski. this is what you look like at the end of 2 months of doing warped tour in a van, trying to juggle being in a band, working as a tattoo artist, and having your girlfriend out on the road at the same time. this guy probably works harder and cares more than any other dude out there. much respect!

drove past the exit for gilman street in berkeley. wish i could've got off and gone to a show at 924.

went to an oakland a's game instead.

get stoked!

batting helmet full of popcorn!

popped into vinyl collective in denver to surprise my old pal brandon!

finally met virgil! check me out on the visitors to vinyl collective blog!

hahaha loved the sign on the door, and the reflection looked cool.

casa de la dylan!

watercourse in denver!

we meal hard!

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Felicia said...

I've seen a lot of mike ski's work, and heard stories of what a good dude he is.

I don't know why the aka's aren't huuuuuuuuuuuge