woah! sorry!

it's been a minute since i wrote here, so i'm going to try to bang out a few entries tonight. the past couple weeks have been pretty great, and the year is off to a hopefully excellent start.

i first wanted to take a minute to thank brooks reynolds and everyone who came out to his photo show back in the last days of december.

for those of you who missed this spectacular event, i got up there and sang and played some cover songs with my guitar, for the first time ever.
my setlist of covers included:
PEDRO THE LION: secret of the easy yolk
LUCERO: joining the army
THE HOLD STEADY: constructive summer
CHUCK RAGAN: the boat
JAWBREAKER: do you still hate me?
MISFITS: hybrid moments
THE NEW AMSTERDAMS: every double life
SAVES THE DAY: take our cars now!

someone was kind enough to catch a video of the jawbreaker tune, which you can see on facebook if you so desire.

here's a photo i took of brooks holding his photo of mike kinsella, which i acquired at the show.

brooks is off in a few weeks on an adventurous trip, where he plans to see america, meet some friendly friends, and take tons of photos. if you live in or near Buffalo, Asheville, Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, Colorado, Grand Canyon, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle and would like to hang out and show him around, that would be rad. drop him an email and make some plans!

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