but the wind blew me back, via chicago

i drove to chicago two weekends ago, went to see a couple hot water music shows, met up with linney, stayed with behm, ate tons of amazing food, hung out with jason, sarah, jordan, stephanie, abby, (the following not photographed) rick, tichey, jonah, scott & aubrey. here are some photos!

vegan beef 'n' cheddar at chicago diner! (it tasted just like arby's!)

linney got some sort of grilled mock chicken sandwich.

a warm brownie with vegan cookie dough ice cream!

getting mean with a pal on his birthday.

behm and nich.

behm at pick me up cafe. (round two!)

jordan, jason and sarah at delilah's.


city streets.

east coast roast at soul veg!

the best french fries i've had in years!

the remains of my inhaled bbq east coast roast.

soft serve strawberry vegan ice cream!

sweet potato pie.

the birth of the cool.



be a winner.

reckless records.

this is where the outdoor scenes of the record store in 'high fidelity' were filmed. linney is saying "charlie! you fucking bitch, let's work it out!"

abby and stephanie at american apparel.

intelligentsia coffee: downtown location.

clover pressed intelligentsia! (i think it was some sort of kenya blend that tasted like cherries and chocolate)

linney at intelligentsia.


chicago sign downtown.

kuma burger menu, the "metal" burger bar with burgers named after metal bands.

pig destroyer sandwich?! brutal in so many different ways!

aside from burgers named after metal bands, and tons of strange micro brewed beers, they also have inspiring quotes on the menus.

i got this neat micro brew rootbeer!

nothing was vegan except for these waffle fries, not even the veggie burger! it's a good thing these fries were delicious.

linney meals.

sunday brunch at chicago dinner, tempeh hash and tofu scram for me.

oh! i also got these vegan biscuits with sausage gravy, mmmmm.

linney got this vegan monte cristo (a french toast sandwich with cheese and ham inside) and i ate half of it on the way home in the parking lot of the esso service station on the 401.


drake hotel on lakeshore blvd.

i think this is a museum.


Bort said...

Chicago Diner rules so much, Chicago is the best city. Hopefully I can get tickets to the Morrissey show there in April. Reckless is just down the street from my uncle's condo, so Chicago Diner is like right around the corner. These pictures rule.

sarah said...

the last picture is of the museum of science and industry!

Scott Heisel said...

"I think this is a museum" is actually the world-famous Museum Of Science And Industry, home to, at any given time, a few thousand grade-schoolers from all corners of Illinois there on field trips. (I got to go in second grade; it was such a big deal that each kid got to bring a parent along with them and our school rented an actual bus for us, not just a school bus).

Next time you're in town, you should go! Granted, I haven't been there in coming up on two decades, but I remember it being pretty badass.

kyle said...

right beside the museum of science and industry there is also a pretty wicked aquarium.

just a heads up!