don't look back in anger, i heard you say

consider this the first of many blog posts to come from being stuck in bed, possibly with mono. my advanced apologies for rambling.

last monday scott and i ventured to london to see OASIS and RYAN ADAMS & THE CARDINALS play at the john labatt arena. after a 3+ hour traffic and accident filled drive, we arrived in london and headed to our fairly decent seats just as opener MATT COSTA was finishing up.

ryan and the cards were up next, and this would be my second time seeing the group, as i caught (most of) their headlining set towards the end of last year at massy hall. when discussing ryan adams, i am very upfront about the fact that i prefer his older solo stuff to the newer records with the cardinals, and seeing how this was a support slot set, i wasn't sure what to expect. antonella explains it best in her review at muchmusic.com, but the set was basically horse shit, and entirely boring. aside from "crossed out name", my favourite track off their new disc "cardinoloy", the set was pretty awful. i mean, i can dig songs like "goodnight rose" and "off broadway", but only when they are performed in the 3-4 minute length that they are on the record. stretching these songs into 8 minutes a piece ruins the song, and puts me to sleep. especially in "goodnight rose" when they repeated that line about 800 times, and decided to sing it all choppy and staccato.

i decided that, aside from "crossed out name", ryan didn't even come close to touching any of my top 20 of his songs, and again, i'm aware that i like the solo stuff more than the cardinals jams, but here's the list of the 19 other songs i would have rather heard (in alphabetical order):

afraid not scared.
anybody wanna take me home?
blue sky blues.
call me on your way back home.
come pick me up.
do miss america.
i see monsters.
love is hell.
my winding wheel.
new york, new york.
night birds.
please do not let me go.
rock 'n' roll.
so alive.
strawberry wine.
this house is not for sale.
to be young (is to be sad, is to be high).
wish you were here.

now as far as OASIS are concerned, i haven't really considered myself a fan, or really listened to any of their records since their 1995 release "[what's the story] morning glory", but like, in 1996 they were probably my second or third favourite band behind nirvana and the smashing pumpkins. seeing as this was my first time seeing oasis, i wasn't really disappointed in the slightest. they played all of my favourite songs (morning glory, don't look back in anger, supersonic, champagne supernova and wonderwall) and the newer songs didn't lose my interest. even though they don't really "rock out" much on stage (or even move around in the slightest), their live show was pretty incredible, most likely thanks to the impeccable sound and lighting, not to mention the spot on vocals and hard hitting, nail on the head drumming. personally i think it would have been extremely magical to see mr. adams join the brothers gallagher on stage for the massive hit "wonderwall", but it's obvious that liam and noel's ego's wouldn't be having that. besides, the majority of the crowd was made up of some of southern ontario's finest hockey/college ripcords, who had no clue who adams was, let alone that he received a grammy nod for his moody cover of the oasis jam (unless of course you bring up the time seth cohen plays the song for summer on the hit tv series "the OC")

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