cameron in canada

one of the best parts about making music is the people you meet along the way. a lot of times, people are fake, and have some sort of motive as to why they want to befriend you. it's pretty great when the opposite of that is true, when you meet people who you can be friends outside of business, regardless of working together. a few years ago we made our record "discovering the waterfront" with producer cameron webb. since then, we've gone on to make a record without him, and are now back working on a new record with him again. all in all, it's safe to say that through the years we have stuck together as friends, and that plays a huge role in cameron working on our new album. not only does he care about our music, and get us as musicians, he cares about and gets us as people. while cameron has temporarily relocated to canada to work on our new record, i've been logging some hang time with him to keep his downtime busy and exciting.

a couple weekends ago, cam brought sergio downtown to hang out. sergio was the assistant engineer on the record while tracking drums, and only came up for the first week of tracking, and wanted to spend some time in toronto before heading home. unfortunately it was the first of many very cold days to come, so i had to limit to taking them places that were indoors.

we started off with breakfast at sadie's diner, one of my personal favourites, an all vegetarian punk rock, old style diner that specializes in breakfast and lunch (but now serves dinner too!).

their unique decor also features a wicked collection of pezz dispensers!
next we hit up queen west, most specifically rotate this!, but quickly curbed that idea to head for warmer shopping climates.

we popped over to the eaton center, which they both seemed to enjoy!
after the mall we headed over and grabbed a coffee at manic, and popped in at my favourite late night hang out, sneaky dees. then we decided to catch the new bond film, and finished off the day with dinner at fresh. i think the guys had a good time, but like i said, i wish it was warmer so i could show them some cooler spots.

another after studio get together that i've taken part in with cameron was catching our friends RISE AGAINST at the hamilton convention center. it was great to see all those guys again, and cameron seemed to really hit it off with everyone. THURSDAY was also on the bill, and it's always nice to see those fellas.

the other day cameron refreshed my memory on the rules, and challenged me to a match of racquetball at his hotel. it's been more than ten years since i've played, and i certainly got schooled. i'm definitely going to challenge a rematch, and hopefully i'll remember to take photos.

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