so i'm back on tour in america, and have made it to warmer weather in florida. i've really sucked at this blog thing lately, but hopefully i will get my act together and start to update more. i've eaten a lot of great food, and seen some great friends (ie: kyle sloan), and have taken a few photos, so some blogs about that will come soon. i really like the new constantines record that hasn't come out yet, and am excited to see them, the weakerthans, lucero, and paint it black while home for a few weeks next month. right before leaving for this tour, a block of the street i live on burnt to the ground, and even though my apartment is way on the other side of town, i frequented that block of queen west a whole lot. i can't believe i haven't talked about this (and this) yet, but i'll see if i can dig up a post about that soon enough. until then, take care of yourselves and eachother.

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