stop runnin' yo' mouth, start havin' some fun!

woahhhh, i guess i've really let this go, on account of not having much time with internet connection the past 2 months being in england, europe, home in toronto with no internet at the apartment, and australia.

2008: gonna be great!
new years eve was pretty fun, and so far, 2008 is going so well. we were in australia for the past two weeks, which was amazing. today we flew to nagoya japan, and all of our luggage/gear is still in aus. i basically am stuck with the gym shorts and hoodie i wore on the plane, and it's fucking cold here!

i got a haircut in australia, too.

i'll try to put together a top albums of 2007 post tonight, and hopefully catch up on the last two months over the next two weeks.

things to look forward to:
- no hate in '08.
- flying to nyc to see hot water music in jersey on the 25th.
- stacy smallwood, katiebrown, et al in nyc.
- til the wheels fall off 2xLP w/ hand screened cover.
- canadian tour featuring rob dyer.
- cancer bats/this is hell on day off in toronto.
- a week and a bit off before us tour.
- a month+ off after us tour.

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