so i'm finally home, and mostly moved into my new place in toronto.
haven't had much time to take photos, and this is the first i've been online since i've been home.

i've been running around a ton, eating lots of good food, taking huge bike rides and seeing pleanty of friends in the midst of moving stuff from oakville. this morning i woke up to find out my van got towed. would have much rather spent $300 on phil hubs in portland :(

pat's blog pretty much sums up my monday and tuesday.

heather and alex are both away for the long weekend, and chris isn't back until tuesday, so i'm going to try and catch up with some other toronto friends this weekend. hoping i get to see nikki tonight!

monday is the hold steady show at the opera house, and tuesday i fly to NYC for the day to shoot something for MTV.
hopefully red bamboo, 154 attorney street and stacy smallwood are all involved in the 16 hours i'll be in the city.

wish me luck surviving the city life!


Passage said...

Hey Bill... rad times for breakfast the other day. Post our sweet tat photos! I want to steal 'em. Lizzie

katie said...

yesssssssss! i love the new blogs. when they decide to make a movie documenting your blog life, i hope scarlett johanssen is available to pop-in for a bunch of cameos! see you again on monday buddy! :-)