from portland, to gainesville... (actually san francisco)

i've got some catching up to do! today is the last day of tour, and i figured i'd wrap up the last few days and pot up the photos from my camera.

spent two days in portland, one playing a show downtown, and the other a day off at a hotel near a mall. portland is the #1 rated vegan city in america, and it's also probably my favourite one too. it seems like everyone is vegan, listens to good music and rides fixed gear bixes. i spent the day walking around the west side downtown mostly, as there were tons of vegan restaurants, bike, clothing and record shops around the venue.

first stop was voodoo donuts, where i purchased all seven of their vegan choices.

next stop was veganopolis where i had a mock chicken burger with soy cheese and mock canadian bacon, and roasted potatoes on the side.

here's a shot of the big chinatown archway entrance.

headed over to jackpot records, where i picked up a few doozies including two ryan adams records, the latest hold steady album and the new thermals 7".

here's a shot of my accumulated records over the past few weeks.

FUCKED UP: year of the pig (winnipeg)
CURSED: one - trash art repress (a gift from rick linus from victory)
THE HOLD STEADY: boys and girls in america (portland)
RYAN ADAMS: gold (portland)
RYAN ADAMS: 29 (portland)
RYAN ADAMS: easy tiger (minneapolis)
SILVERSTEIN: arrivals & departures - test presses (victory)
THE THERMALS: a pilar of salt 7" (portland)

one of the other great things about portland is that there is no sales tax, which almost swayed me into buying a set of phil wood track hubs laced to some velocity deep v rims, but i held back, and just saved that money to lose at the casino in reno a few days later :( the day off in portland was pretty uneventful. i road to the mall and didn't really find much of anything there, got a begal sandwhich from some bubble tea shop, and watched the oc in the hotel room.

boise was friggin' hot as heck, and we had to park our bus in a dusty lot a few blocks from the venue. there were little thorns all over the ground so everyone seemed to pop their tires, so i found a local shop to get new tubes. we did an instore at this record store that i usually visit when in boise, and i bought this super rad rock photography book that i've wanted since enviously browsing through aileen's copy at 154 attorney st. there was an urban outfitters right near the venue, and they had a ton of stuff on sale so i got this grey short sleeved button up, and a navy cap with striped and an anchor on it. across from there was a levi's store, and i got some sweet jeans for $20!

after the show, jon kenna and i road over to boise state university (or something) and he got me to take a photo of him with the bronco outside of the football field. i think jon kenna is doing anything in his power to keep his unniversity frat boy days apart of his life as long as he can.

didn't take the camera out much in reno. to be honest, i only left the bus like 4 times.
1. to get lemonade from 71 (which tasted kinda shitty)
2. to check out this tattoo shop down the road that tattooed hardhats on a bunch of team safety
3. to play
4. to lose money at the casino, get burrito's, and watch joe get his hand tattooed.

another gem of a city on the pacific north west! it turned out that my friend veronica from LA was in town visiting the dead to me dudes that she does merch for. i met up with her and her friend in the morning, picked up chicken and headed to hearbivore for brunch! i had tofu scramble and a strawberry shake, mmmmmmm. afterwards we headed back to chickens to hang out. here's a pick of me with v and chicken.

after talking bikes with chicken and his bike messenger room mate, ian (dead to me drummer) came over and took off with chicken to run some erands, so the rest of us headed up to pick up a movie at amoeba.

historic haight street.


i didn't really feel like diggin for records, and i couldn't see or think of anything i really wanted, so my trip to amoeba was short and cheap!

here's some shots of the city from the car window.

the catering at the venue was fabulous, a piece of tempeh with a zesty chutney and grilled pineapple topping, and roasted potatoes. during catering casper decided to finally tape jon kenna's radio to him, on acount of the fact he never has it with him.

here's a shot of the front of the venue.

other un-photographed highlights of the day included hanging out with fat mike for a bit after our set, and meeting joey cape and another dude from lagwagon in the midst of it.

i'm pretty stoked to get home, not gonna lie.
flight lands at 3:20, hoping to get downtown to see some friends for dinner and hang out in the evening.
starting to move my stuff downtown begins tuesday morning!

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Cape Fear said...

the top of your "SF from the car photos"...if you were to look to your immediate left, out the driver's side, that's where my best friend Will lives! i love SF!