we had a day off between calgary and victoria, and that meant only one thing, a day off in beautiful revelstoke, british columbia. we first found out about this gem of a day off spot on warped tour last year, and our stay was so relaxing and memorable, i can't see us not stopping here anytime we find ourselves between calgary and bc.

we got some rooms at the hilcrest hotel, which is a beautiful resort surrounded by forrests and mountains.

there's a nice little restuarant bar in the hotel that has a delicious veggie burger, and a few great local brews (for those who choose to partake). hanging out in the bar also offers a chance for slid band fellowiship and conversing with locals.

kyle cbk decided to join us for the day off, having bus refugees from camp comeback kid is always a pleasure!

kevin loves crown, this needs no explanation.

partial team safety group shot.

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