okay, so sorry to everyone (katiebrown) who has been bugging me to get caught up, here i am!

i pretty much love alberta.
we spent a day in edmonton, and two in calgary, and i did a lot, and had plenty of fun!

the show was at the shaw conference center right downtown, i woke up around noon and walked a couple of blocks down to the legendary hotel macdonald (aka "the mac"). my cousin preston works as a server at the hotel restaurant, and the plan was to meet my cousin ryan and uncle tom there for lunch while preston was working. it was great catching up with everyone over a nice lunch. they all used to live in burlington, and we kind of grew up together and then didn't really see eachother for a number of years when they first moved west, so i love getting out to edmonton to visit. unfortunately my aunt anna was out of town, which was a crying shame, as she's a real firecracker, and tons of fun to hang out with. preston and ryan are twins, and they have an older brother named justin who i haven't seen since he was going to george brown a number of years back.



after lunch, ryan and i headed down to whyte ave to do some shopping. we stopped into this one store that had a sale on where all of their sale items we an aditional 30% off if you bought more than 4 items, so i bought some nudie jeans and a fred perry jacket and polo, and ryan got a shirt, and we maximized our savings!

when i finally made it back to the venue, josh and i headed out for a peddle. there was a paved bike trail that ran from behind the venue, along side the water, over a pedestrian bridge, up the side of the hill, and around some parks. we had a killer ride...litterally the climb almost killed me, but the downhills were sweeeeeeet!

the building with the sloped white rooftop is the venue.

the show in edmonton was probably my favourite show on the whole tour! other highlights of the night included hanging out with stu ross and andy hot fun, but i decided to hang back from going out to the bar afterward and watched the OC in my bunk instead.

both days in calgary were absolutely beautiful! i got up super early both days and road my bike about 7k each way downtown and ate (both days) at this great little spot called the coup. the first day i had a grilled tofu panini, and the second day i had this tofu scramble sloppy joe with miso gravy, mmmmmmmm!

a major highlight of calgary was getting to hang out with erik hoibak. everyone who knows hoibak will tell you what a natural character he is, and every thing that comes out of his mouth is pretty memorable.

i believe he is doing some sort of impression of what it's like to be a front man in hardcore, water bottle mic and all.

after the second nights show, hoibak, casey and kevin cbk and i headed downtown to tubby dogs for ridiculous veggie hot dogs.

hoibaks dog featured your usual ketchup, mustard, relish, bbq sauce, pickles, tomatos, and sauted onions, the less common saurkrut, banana peppers and corn relish, and the perhaps never before eaten on the same dog stylings of peanut butter, jelly, sprinkles, and wasabi. gross.

my dog was nowhere near as stupid, and kevin and i shared a delicious order of sweet potato fry chips.

andy hot fun also made it up to the second day in calgary, and brad gilboe happened to be in town with saosin, and jason mante with poison the well. however, getting hot dogs seemed to have priority over hanging out with them, bummer. i also picked up a sick pair of two tone green vans era's, for only $30! they only had size 11, so i'm squeezing.

hoibak quote of the day:
kevin: "so do you and your girlfriend just talk about 90's hardcore all the time"
hoibak: "nah, when i got into 90's hardcore she was into the power rangers"

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