keep 'em coming.

i'm finally getting a chance to go through all of my photos from the past few months, so hopefully updates will be plentiful.

a while back, winnipeg vegan foodist beeps graced toronto with his presence for an earth crisis show, or something. i figured we'd better just eat at fressen, twice!

for brunch we had:
- seared sweet corn fritters filled with corn, zucchini, and sweet potato mixed with spinach and fresh herbs.
- scrambled seasoned marinated tofu served with a crispy black bean tortilla.
- crispy french toast on stewed mixed seasonal fruit.

for dinner we had:
- seared cornmeal polenta suits on herbed tomato sauce and sautéed lemony garlic spinach.
- sliced shiitake and crimini mushrooms mixed with shredded spinach in cashew cream wrapped in a filo pastry puff.
- deep fried tempeh fish with a tangy tahini cucumber tartar sauce on dandelion greens
- flax and cornmeal crusted eggplant pizza tart with pesto, sundried tomato paste, olives and pineapple, grilled and served on mixed greens. (pictured above)
- steamed bundled asparagus on a warm bed of tahini creamed quinoa with miso hemp butter.
- taro dumplings (i think)


i'm also really digging this record, definitely worth the two year wait in anticipation.

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