me singing these songs don't compare to what he did over there

i played a show on my own the other night at the bovine sex club with my friend kyle's band brighter brightest. patrick snapped a few photos (above) on my camera. i don't really have any songs of my own, and was asked to play last minute, so these are the covers i pulled together.

LUCERO: joining the army.
BON IVER: blood bank.
PEDRO THE LION: bands with managers.
RYAN ADAMS: crossed out name.
CHUCK RAGAN: the boat.
JAWBREAKER: do you still hate me?
OPERATION IVY: the crowd.
THE HOLD STEADY: slapped actress.

it was swell, aside from all the nervousness and fuck ups.
thanks to the friends who came out.


Johanna Torell said...

go you!

chelsea said...

I really need to come out the next time you play covers, if I recall correctly you played a bunch of my favourites last time as well.