salt snap

today, while chipping away at a rigorous three day room clean, i found this business card for saltsnap.com.

the story behind this is as follows; last september while i was wandering the streets of fukuoka japan, in search of the supreme shop, i was stopped by this japanese guy with a camera who, in what very little english he could throw together, kindly asked if he could take my photo. i looked confused as to why he wanted to take my photo, until he shoved this business card into my hand and showed me a form that he wanted to fill out, with my name, occupation, and outlining my outfit. basically this website is similar to lookbook.nu, except with photographers who roam the streets asking fashionable folks to take their photo.

i had completely forgot about the site, until today when i found the card. i decided to head over to the site and found this. i love that the sun/shadow on my face in combination with my mustache at the time makes me look slightly japanese, and had a laugh over "comments: loves japan!".

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owls + oranges said...

that's awesome, you're totally big in Japan.