this old machine

the other day, linney and i met up with jo(h)anna and lU-K(e) (i give people weird names) and had lunch at urb-herb in kensington.

i ended up popping into paul's boutique and picking up this old, beat up takamine f370 guitar, and couldn't put it down. there mere $225 they were asking for it seemed more than reasonable for this weathered guy that had definitely seen some bumps and bruises, but was left with a whole lot of character, and simply just "felt right". i brought the guitar home, and destroyed my company in a game of monopoly.

here are a couple photos i took that day.

i really like when toronto gets wordly visitors, and i really like playing this guitar and i hope to motivate myself to play it more this year and become a better player.

joanna also took some more photos that you can see here.