man, we make our own movies


riki.kay said...


every wrinkle does not have to be a dark memory.
smile lines?

this is a really sad clip, but at least now i know what im going to watch tonight before bed.

billy hamilton said...

i think you're entirely missing the meaning here.

"for every wrinkle there's a pain
and for every pain there's a year
and for every year there's a person,
there's a death,
there's a history,
and there's a KINDNESS"

kindness, experience, character, those things don't come without years, life, loss, lessons, people, and pain.

citing the infinite wisdom of lord kayne of west:
"n-n-now th-that that don't kill me, can only make me stronger"

it shouldn't be sad, hard times, and life experience are what makes a person stronger, and he's trying to say that an old, weathered, wrinkled woman is so much more beautiful than an innocent, flawless infant.

great film though!

riki.kay said...


definitely missed that.

i fell victim to my own lil "people are too busy coming up with a response to take the time to listen..."

and its true, no experience is a bad experience as long as you can walk away from it appreciating what's gained.