drown in oceans

a couple weeks ago, my pals from the band oceans asked me to fill in for a few shows on bass for them. it's been a really busy and hectic month for me, so i didn't really give myself enough time to properly learn the songs. thankfully two of the originally planned three shows got canceled, and i only ended up playing one show with them in woodstock ontario last sunday.

i tried my best to capture most of the day, but for some reason forgot to ask one of their friends to grab some shots or video of the set, which i'm sure would have been hilarious. i suppose that twenty or so minutes is lost in time, or just captured in the memories of the few present.

shitty day.

seriously, who wears a tank top in the winter?


mealing at crabby joes.


shawzberry milkshake.

mealing action shot.

surprisingly good veggie burger!

oceans' pal known simply as "native" challenges a local to a pool match.

i'm not sure what was best about this guy, his hair, his jeans, or the amount of racist comments he made.

oceans' pals steve and josh.

ryan black and shawzie.

i'm a sucker for these things.


tour photo!

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James McDonough said...

i used to think those claw games were a total scam, like most games, and it was impossible to win. this changed the first time my band went on tour and i announced this to my guitarist Chris, who said he loves them.
He put in two dollars, for two tries, and came out with FOUR toys. His first attempt at a snatch got him three little toys all at once. I was totally humbled. There's always a small collection of little neon fuzzy toys on the dashboard of the van on titan tours.