i guess the heavy stuff ain't quite at its heaviest...

so i am back on tour in america. we're four days in now, and have a day off today in omaha nebraska en route to denver. when i'm done here, i plan to bundle up (it's very cold and wet) and walk over to the mall/whole foods before we have family dinner to celebrate canadian thanksgiving.

i am very grateful to have one of my favourite people out on this tour, australian vegan straight edge mega babe; michaela-jane travers. MJ is out working for one of the bands on our tour, and instead of complaining about that band, their music, existence, or involvement on this tour, i'm focusing on how rad it's going to be to eat amazing food together with MJ every day.

last night we played in minneapolis, which is definitely one of my favourite cities in america, especially when it comes to food. i planned accordingly to wake up early, and luckily MJ was up as well. we took a brisk morning walk through the masses of sunday morning vikings football fans, and headed to the legendary triple rock social club for brunch. we shared french toast, pigs in a blanket, and hash browns with cheese sauce (all vegan of course). here are some photos of that!

currently watching:
GREYS ANATOMY: season 5.
CALIFORNICATION: season 1. (just finished today!)
HEROES: season 3 (new episode tonight!)
i need to get caught up on the new office and entourage seasons, too.

looking forward to seeing bayside in denver tomorrow.
happy thanksgiving, mom.


Cape Fear said...

Gah, you eat more food than anyone I've ever met...and we get to eat food together NEXT WEEK!

This Boys Life said...

Dude bro! My hometown! Man, I miss it. What tour was that? Hope you're well.