put it all down on technology and lost everything we invested.

so today i decided to get rolling on a photo diary for this tour.
i will probably add to it, but CLICK HERE to see what i've got so far (112 photos)

we're in osaka today, and yesterday i found this mental record store called time bomb, and found a ton of records i have never even seen before, let alone did i think i'd ever find at a record store in japan. here's an updated list of everything i've picked up so far in japan:

bad brains - pay to cum b/w stay close to me [white w/ photocopied sleeve]
bad brains - pay to cum b/w at the movies [red, caroline records]
black flag - six pack [1st press uk]
black flag - louie louie [original]
cave in - lift off [1st press, clear /400]
cave in / children - split [1st press /3000]
descendents - when i get old [uk release, clear grey marble]
gorilla biscuits - s/t [2nd press, yellow w/purple lettering /2000]
green day - when i come around [picture disc]
green day - longview
jawbreaker / jawbox - split [1st press 2x7" w/ blank sides illustrated by each band, copper & silver cover /100]
jawbreaker / crimpshrine - split [1st press /300ish, apparently most copies were destroyed]
me first and the gimme gimmes - elton
nirvana - come as you are [uk release]
nirvana - lithium [uk release]
nirvana - in bloom [uk release]
nirvana - heart shaped box [uk release]
nirvana - all apologies [uk release]
nofx - lize and louise [1st press, pink]
nofx - all of me [opaque teal /8000]
the offspring - self esteem [uk release, blue]
quicksand - s/t [1st press, white /1000]
quicksand - divorce [autographed]
sensefield / onelinedrawing - split [blue[
the stereo / ultimate fakebook - split

ruination - let the motherfucker burn [clear usa shaped /2000]
the smiths - strangeways, here we come [wea french pressing]

7 seconds - walk together, rock together [1st press, black cover w/ yellow sketch and text]
the american analog set - the fun of watching fireworks
ann beretta - to all our fallen heroes
bad brains - s/t [90's repress on homestead records]
bad brains - i against i [original]
black flag - tv party [90's repress]
blink 182 - buddha
earth crisis - destroy the machines
gorilla biscuits - s/t [european pressing on we bite records w/ extra songs]
minor threat - first two ep's [original uk pressing w/ dark blue cover and £2.50 pricing]
minor threat - first two ep's [original german pressing w/ grey cover and DM pricing]
morrissey - certain people i know
nofx - white trash, two heebs and a bean
paint it black - cva [opaque blue /300]
rancid - life won't wait [1st press 2xLP, orange]
the replacements - sorry ma, forgot to take out the trash [1st press, red /1000]
the replacements - stink
suicidal tendencies - s/t [original press, frontier records]
v/a - fat music vol 3: physical fatness
v/a - rebirth of hardcore: 1999
v/a - revelation records 100
v/a - rock music: a tribute to weezer
v/a - sunday matinee: the best of nyhc [clear pink]

home on thursday!


Scott Heisel said...

Dude, from what I hear, Japanese record stores are AWESOME. If you see any of the following, please buy it and I'll pay you back:

The Anniversary - Designing A Nervous Breakdown LP
Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet LP
No Knife - Hit Man Dreams LP
Rival Schools - United By Fate LP

Cape Fear said...

Amazing photos, amazing records!!