...and i will never truely die!

hah, i guess this update comes with a bit of a "back from the dead" vibe, as it's been pretty dead here lately.

i'm in germany right now, and had a minute while sitting in the venue lobby post show, and figured i should check in and let you know i'm alive and well. i'm actually enjoying europe this time around too, and hopefully my PMA will get me through the rest of the month.

a couple weekends ago i drove a whole lot to go see the last two modern life is war shows. i have a bunch of photos from that weekend, but for now i decided to just post the one above. i'll post more when i get around to it. in the mean time, you should swing over and read (new blogger/vegan warrior friend) beeps and both of scott's entries about the weekend.

in bad future blogging news: i forgot my camera in my car on the way to europe, so unless i steal photos from someone else, there won't be any over the next month.

in good future blogging news: we finally got the internet over at 352 1/2 queen street east, and i'll be home most of the summer, which means tons of toronto blogging will be done.

oh, and i think i really like a girl, no big deal.

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