so behind...

oh man, where to begin?
i guess we've been on this tour of weirdo smaller towns in american for about a month now, and i've gotten pretty run down and burnt out. my voice/throat hasn't been strong for a couple weeks now, and nothing all too exciting has happened. strikw anywhere is on the tour, and i've been watching them almost every night and loving it for sure!

i spent the majority of the last week obsessing over the tv show lost. i watched the entire first season in a day, with a brief 5-6 hour sleep break in the middle of it. i watched the second season over the next few days, and then downloaded season three on itunes, and watched it this past weekend mostly. i love this show.

okay, lets get back to where we left off. more photos of joe's birthday celebrations in...uh....colorado? so long ago! we bought joe an ice cream cake and i lucked out with a slice of vegan chocolate cake from whole foods.

we stopped in salt lake city on a day off, which was canadian thanksgiving. we all headed out to pf changs for a family dinner to celebrate over tofu lettuce wraps!

we had an aftershow tattoo party with our friends at absolute tattoo in reno.

josh got a shel silverstein sketch of the guitar the plays itself on his inner bicep.

i manned up and got the strike anywhere anti fascist circle logo on the back of my leg. aside from strike being one of my favourite bands and good friends, the logo stands for some really great ideas, which i am pumped to stand behind (errr, more stand with?)

tony showed me this sketch of this "fixed gear graveyard" tattoo he did on a girl he knows, comemorating 3 bikes she's lost in accidents. love it!

we played a bunch of shows in cities in california i've either never gone to before, or hope to never return to, capped off by 2 shows at the glasshouse in pomona. amanda brought her puppy out to one of the shows, and she hung out on the bus for a while before peeing all over the couch. you can't blame a puppy this cute!

after the first show in pomona, i got a ride with the lovely and talented lisa johnson back to LA where i met up with the friendly and attractive william evans and spent the night on the couch at his east hollywood apartment.

i really enjoyed his "comeback kid dressing room" bathroom sign.

in the morning, will and i met up with dave shapiro and the band blessthefall (who were staying with him) and got some breakfast with a few other silver lake friends.

eric tobin even made an appearance!

after breakfast will and i ventured over to melrose where i stopped in at posers and i grabbed some fine fred perry selections.

now insert the better part of a two week gap while we ventured through texas and the south, which i don't really enjoy all that much ever.

my beard is getting pretty long, and i'm not sure if i should keep it or not.

here are some photos i took of strike on my new blackberry curve!

yesterday we had a day off, and went to new york city. i ended up sleeping in until 3ish, on account of my sleep schedule being extremely fucked thanks to lost marathons. i tried to catch a bus from our hotel in secaucus to the port authority in nyc, and somehow ended up on a bus that took me through the ghettos of jersey to the newark penn station, which was like 45 minutes out of the city. i then had to wait almost and hour for the next bus downtown, and finally, over 3 hours since i left the hotel, i arrived in the big apple. sean and jon happened to be on the bus infront of mine, so we met up. we hopped the subway and headed down towards red bamboo. made a few stops at urban outfitters and american apparel and then made it to red bamboo. i had the crispy soul chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries, mmmmmmm! i ran into my friend mike from LA who was in town with the hellogoodbye/say anything tour, who were also parked at the same hotel as us, along with the armor/academy tour, as well. mike was with some dudes who knew hambone, and we chatted with them for a while. sean and i met back up with kenna (who passed on red bamboo for "the slaughtered lamb" or something equally opposite/non vegan) and hopped the subway over to katiebrowns apartment at 154 attorney (rip). between getting off the subway and arriving at katie's, we passed the mercury lounge, where we noticed david bazan (formerly of pedro the lion) was doing a show an hour from then. we headed to katies, and i showered, then we walked back to the show, which was amazing! he played a mix of new stuff from his upcoming album "david bazan's black cloud", a couple songs from his solo ep, a couple transposed for guitar "headphones" numbers, a fine selection of pedro material. he also closed the set with a cover of the leonard cohen classic "halleluja", which he said will be on his new album.

seeing this show definitely made up for my day of getting lost/almost shot in the ghettos of new jersey public transit. he did the classic "does anyone have any questions" thing a few times during the set, and that made the mid song banter pretty great. i managed to ask if the song "fewer moving parts" was "actually what happened" (re: pedro the lion breaking up) and he awkwardly said that he wrote the song before they had problems, but mostly they couldn't keep it together as a touring band when a few dudes had families at home to support. after the show we stopped so that kevin could get a slice of pizza before hopping a cab back to jersey, and in walks david and his touring crew. we ended up chatting for a minute about the show, and he remembered the show in south carolina where pedro played a late set after a show we played with emery. it was pretty rad to chat with him quickly and randomly like that, and my day ended up pretty great!

i'm going to try to dig my camera out of my bunk pouch, and take some photos tomorrow of halloween. i'm dressing up as a member of the dharma initiative.

okay, i'm a nerd, bye.

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katie said...

i mean, really, you have to admit that its pretty funny that you got lost coming into the city from secaucus....

see you sunday!