"boys and girls in america have such a sad time together"

here i am, back on tour in america for another month and a bit. extremely stoked on being out with strike anywhere again.

being home for a little over a week was pretty sweet. i managed to cram in a ton of fun stuff, building a riding a brand new bike, spending time with a bunch of great people, a couple shows, and a 5k run into the mix!

seeing as i don't have internet at the apartment, i have been lacking in the blogs while at home. luckily i have a few friends with great blogs. you can read more about what i got up to HERE, HERE, and HERE.

you can also check out more info on my new bike HERE.

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thebreakfasttour said...

Dude, you never replied to any of my messages about getting your leg finished nor did you let me know if you received my donation. cmon!