the past few weeks have been pretty great, mainly because of the great people that i have been around. aside from seeing great friends in every city along the way, the best friendships to have on tour are with the bands. this tour has had no shortage of great dudes, between the rise and cbk camps, i've truely had a great group of people to spend the summer with. now the real bonus' are when friends from home get to join that group of touring family. the past few weeks have brought the CANCER BATS on the road with us. this has resulted in plenty of sick hangs and total ragers with the death bros. most notably, i've had plenty of time to hang out with my pal liam.

unfortunately i didn't get more shots of our rides and hang time, but having liam and the bats out on the road has been a blessing.

now, ventura marked a day where we not only got to play in a beautiful city, but attending the show was my sweet pal william evans. will is best known for his sweet-dudery, impeccable charm, intense knowledge of both russian and american literature, and his totally sweet moustache.

will and i road down to the beach, parked up on the pier and played scrabble. unfortunately i didn't get any shots of the game, but he beat me, despite my best efforts and 50 point bonus on "rewritter" for using all of my letters.

i popped will's fixed gear cherry, and made him look like a real bike punk, and hopefully converted his commuting ass for good!

after the ventura show, i opted to ride along with the comeback kids to hang out at the show in fresno, mosh, and avoid an extra day off in vegas. the show was friggin' so much fun, and i danced like i was 15 again. sick circle pit, brah. unfortunately i didn't really take any pics in fresno, but it was hot and shitty, and i slept in a van with 10 people, but it was totally fun!

in vegas the next day i decided to cut my own bangs with my beard trimmer.

probably a bad call, oh well!

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Passage Tattoo said...

Bring me next time. You guys DEF need an on-road tattooer