but as long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do.

today we are in vegas.

bad news: i lost money.

good news: liam, juice and i got into the built to spill show for free.

unfortunate news: their set was about as boring and un-stoked as the members look in that photo (except the guy on the far left, he seemed more so un-stoked, if possible)

worse news: they only played one of my top five* favourite built to spill songs, cary the zero, and ruined it by ending it/the set with a 12 minute drag on noise jam.

* - top five being
01 the weather
02 you were right
03 car
04 cary the zero
05 happiness

better news: i went to fresno last night with cbk and the bats and raged hard.

best news: i'm really into talking on the phone with a girl

there is worse news that i'd rather not talk about.

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