wow, it's been far too long. i've totally been neglicting this place, and i have come up with 3 reasons why this post is so overdue:
1. i was pretty bored for a while, and had nothing fun to post about
2. i couldn't find my camera for like a week (it was in the pocket of the jacket i wore in nyc)
3. the internet has been really slow lately, forcing me to neglect uploading photos.

a couple of weeks ago, we had another day off in new york city. the main events of this day including taping for the mtv show rock the deuce, appearing live on fuse's the sauce and playing an acoustic show at looney tunes on long island. of course we got a moment to endulge on some tasty red bamboo, as well.

view from the mtv building.

board room table graphics.

our name in lights at fuse (i got to shake hands with Luis Guzmán)

was graced by the presence of the lovely and talented stacy smallwood.

other appearances were made by katie brown (in the back), and shannon mcrae (and her new cellphone).

josh at looney tunes.

shane at looney tunes.

neil at looney tunes.

after the performance, we did a signing for all the kids that showed up. afterwards i headed off with stacy to pick up her dog raggs from nick's parents house, and stopped in to see stacy and nick's apartment briefly before having to head back to the bus in jersey.

unfortunately, a few days after our visit, looney tunes burned down in an accidental over-night fire.

we've had a few days off here and there, and rise against has taken a few weekends off for things like weddings and not competing with gigantic rage against the machine shows, so we've been doing some off day headline shows. comeback kid did the first weekend, and poison the well has joined us this weekend, along with as cities burn and alesana playing both. i think i'm really into the new as cities burn stuff. cancer bats also joined up with the tour last night, and i'm pumped to have more bro's on tour.

on one of our days off we stayed in indianapolis, where i found a mall and best buy. my collection of "heavy" / night ruining movies has grown!

i also picked up a sick pair of retro jordan kicks.

in grand rapids michigan, the venue was right across from a mall, and we decided to buy a new coleman camping grill from the sporting goods store. there have been some major pro's about having this grill around, making it a fantastic investment. not only does it prepare food in a far tastier AND healthier manor than the bus microwave, it really inspires tour fellowship. you never see anyone sitting around the microwave after the show with acoustic guitars, telling stores and taking turns nuking 99 cent burritos from 7-11.

goose's girlfriend bonnie even got use out of the box as a bed!

more 'qin' resumes in st louis.

in kansas city i finally got some flats fixed on the bikes, and took a nice night ride alone downtown. kansas city has some wicked inner city hills, both to climb and bomb. i even stumbled across some sort of state or government building, and the liberty memorial. america, fuck yeah!

food has been pretty good the last little bit. i found some real great spots in unexpected cities.

mcfosters natural kind cafe - omaha nebraska (siiiiiiiiiick hilly bike ride to get here)

main squeeze juice bar/restaurant - columbia missouri (as recommended by former columbia/mizzou resident jon kenna)

i also picked up a new project! i got this rossin italian lugged steel track frame from a friend of rennick's and plan on working on building it up while i'm home. stoked for this bike!

currently listening to:
various mixtapes.
modern life is war - midnight in america.
the weakerthans - reunion tour.
memorial - berlin.
taken - between two unseens.

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