on the road again

so here i am, sitting in a hotel room in secaucus new jersey (how many times does a kid need to go to new york city in the span of 2 months) back at these updates from the road.

we started the tour in baltimore, and i spent the day with my step brother neil and his friends. we had lunch at this awesome little spot called liquid earth cafe. the show was pretty okay, aside from me falling into the monitors like 30 seconds into the first song (ala my stint in the turn it ups). some kids with shitty mohawks were talking shit from the middle of the crowd, and my step brother ended up punching one of them in the head, which got him thrown out of the show. luckily, we snuck him back in the side door with his pass.

friday we played at the avalon in boston, which is right across the street from fenway park:

i would've liked to go see either of the double header games that the sox played that day, but tickets were sold out, and scalprs were selling standing room tickets for $100. no thanks.

saturday we played in providence rhode island (actually a peninsula...go figure!). i decided to bike over to the brown university campus, and found this shitty little diner called lou's, which had all day vegan breakfast.

i probably should've got the tofu scramble.

the city of providence was beautiful! i'm bummed that this is only our second time in rhode island, hopefully that number will increase.

after the show, the majority of the tour and friends headed over to the mall and saw SUPERBAD. probably the funniest movie i've seen in the past few years. go see it!

yesterday we played in clifton park (albany) new york. pretty much nothing electronic works in that area, but i did finish watching the OC, and ate at that super classy vegan italian restaurant across the street. i also reconsiled my childhood love for the tasty snack "ants on a wheel".

(apples topped with peanut butter and raisins)

today we have tons planned for our day off. mtv at 3, fuse at 5:30 (watch "the sauce" if you get it!) and then an instore acoustic show at looney tunes in long island. hopefully the rest of the day will be filled with red bamboo, katie brown and stacy smallwood hang outs.


Cape Fear said...

Providence is the best. Reminds me of home, in the north. Lou's is great too.

Met Katie Brown out east...bringing the world together, every day, just Williams, doing our damn thing.

See you soon brother!

katie said...

In response to: "(how many times does a kid need to go to new york city in the span of 2 months)"...

In my opinion, Billy Hamilton can never be in NYC too much!!